Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What to do with pins and buttons

I cleaned out my jewelry armoire today and found this:

That's 21 pins and

Sixteen button covers

What am I supposed to do with them? I can see wearing some of the pins on a winter coat but then what? Are button covers going to come back in style?? Did the 80's call and what the stuff back??


  1. Those pins are great for holding a wrap cardigan or knit in place. I absolutely love the one in the centre front of the picture with the leave. The buttons would look great on a black jacket. I recently bought buttons on ebay. Maybe you could sell them and put the $ to notions that you might use.

  2. Garage sale? I'm lucky...I had a daughter go through my jewelry box and remove most of that stuff and a few of my cheaper pearl necklaces too.

  3. I use my pins (over 50) on a pillow. You can also make a picture to put them on using cork or styrofoam for the backing. I also saw a christmas tree picture made with buttons and old jewelry pieces that I really wanted to try someday (you know when I find the Like I need another craft to do ;)

  4. i'd hang on to those pins and button covers. They would make pretty pendants and earrings, etc..... You look great by the way. I am behind on my commenting, but from looking at your previous post I saw how much weight you've lost. Just make new pants, don't alter! I hate to alter too.