Saturday, July 27, 2013

This and That

I just wanted to pop in for a quick minute.

I've added the final coat of stain on the floor. I also finished my SIL dress for a wedding she is attending later today. Can I say, "I LOVE THIS DRESS!"

Please forgive the crappy pictures. I snapped these in the bathroom when I was doing her final fitting. I used McCalls 6240.

I was confident I could make it fit and can I say, "I did the damn thang!" The pattern went up to size 22 but that was not large enough. I made numerous changes including lengthening it 5". My SIL is nearly 6 ft tall and would be  considered a large pear as she is hippy with almost no boobs!

Luckily I'd recently watched the Kenneth King "Smart Fitting" DVD which was a huge ego boost and a shot in the arm to my confidence. I know I can fit myself but can I fit someone else. The answer is a very loud yes. Although we did about four fittings in paper, I did not make a muslin. The only foul-up came when I didn't place the fabric on grain. For some stupid reason I lined the grainline up on the bias. WTH was I thinking. The entire dress was supposed to be cut on the bias but in the end, only the overlay was.

The dress is three layers including a lining. The "contrasting" hem was sewn to the garment base. All three layers were stitched together at the neck edge and arm hole. The dress itself is sort of scandalous because the "hem" is just two layers of chiffon!

I don't like how the chiffon overlay is pooling on top of her butt. I'm thinking it's just nature of the bias fabric because the base fabric is perfect. It could also be that I should have cut the overlay a little wider. I added two large "decorative" tucks to the back of the dress to take up the excess fabric in the middle of the back while leaving plenty of room for the "junk in her trunk."

She promised to get better pictures to me. These pictures are not doing the outfit much just but trust's FABULOUS. I told her she looks like a "glamazon" -- a glamorous amazon. BTW don't judge me. The extra crap in the bathroom is from my bedroom redecorating project.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 7/25/2013

  • I want to sew something for myself.
  • I'm in hoarders Hell but without the filth and animal feces!
  • I am so over this redecorating project.
  • The only rooms in my house that are not a mess are the kitchen, den, and man cave.
  • I hate the smell of floor varnish.
  • I want my house clean again.
  • I misplaced one of the cordless phone handsets.
  • I may never find it again.
  • My bedroom furniture is still not here.
  • I got suckered into making a SIL a dress for Saturday.
  • Who in the hell wants all the guests at a wedding to wear white??
  • Beyond stupid.
  • The people who work at JoAnns should stop assisting customers with fabric purchases.
  • Who needs anybody to help them screw up their fabric purchases?
  • I'm sewing my SIL dress on my dining room table with her Walmart Project Runway sewing machine.
  • I loathe sewing at the dining room table.
  • Entering my sewing room is like entering a landmine field of crap.
  • My crap.
  • I'm living out of boxes.
  • I've been paying too much golf.
  • I'm developing a case of "trigger finger."
  • Ouch
  • The husband sanded the bedroom floor for me.
  • Machine was screwed up.
  • Wood dust is everywhere.
  • At least I'm making progress.
Here's some photos of the paint and varnish. I did it myself!

Those spots on the pictures is the dust in the air from the "crappy" rented sander!

I am a "Jill of all trades."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Prowling in Purple

Just wanted to add this photo of me in the purple animal print maxi McCalls 6559.


You can't go wrong with a garment that takes less than an hours to sew while only using two yards of fabric.

Less than one hour to sew +
Two yards of fabric +
No serger required =

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maxi(mum) Results

Here's a photo collage of the maxis I've made so far. I thought I had more!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Maxi

I've been wanting a black maxi all season. Can this be considered an "LBD?" It could be a long black dress. LOL

The fabric is from the clearance section at JoAnn's last year. The pattern is Butterick 5893. This time instead of having the gathers under the bust, I rotated them to the center front. I cut the skirt and bodice back on the crossgrain. The bodice front has a seam in the center front. The gathers camouflages it nicely. The neckline and armhole opening are finished with 5/8" foldover elastic. I didn't sew a hem as the salvage edge serves nicely just as it is. Maxi dresses are my summer "uniform." As soon as the bedroom remodel is done, I expect to make at least a couple more maxis before the season is over.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bedroom Fabrics

I finally picked up the fabrics for the window treatments, duvet cover and accent pillows. Why am I posting all of this non-sewing related stuff? Mainly because it's my blog and I can (LOL). No really it's because until this bedroom redo is done, I can't get into my sewing room! All of the clothes from the dresser and chest are in laundry baskets, boxes and covering my cutting table in my sewing room! I am so ready for it to be over so that I can have both rooms back. Nine days to go and counting before the furniture is delivered and add another day or two to get everything in place. In the meantime these are the fabrics I've chosen.

For the duvet and windows...

For accent pillows...

Painted walls...

Just popping in

Good morning, good morning, good morning. I'm just popping in for a few quick words. The shoes came out  fabulously.

Is that a word? Anyway, I love 'em. Next time I try it, and there will be a next time, I'll not be using the E6000 glue. It's not nearly as reflective. I have "Tacky" glue and will be using it and less of it! Would somebody please take the rhinestones away from me ?

Yessiree. I blinged out my motorcycle boots. I've had these boots about six years. The brand is "Mudd" and I bought them at a Kohl's in Portland, Oregon for only $9. As a matter of  fact I bought two pairs. The boxes were very bulky so I shipped them back here to Michigan. I've never worn the other pair. I chanced blinging them out because if it were an epic fail, I had a backup pair. I'd say these are a smashing success! The husband came home while I was in the middle of decking them out. I probably looked like a little kid with a new toy. He just looked at me, shook his head and left room. Hater! I can't wait to rock these babies! What do you think...yea or nay?

Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Shoe Refashion

The bedroom redo is coming along quite nicely. Yesterday the hubby and I (okay mostly the hubs) took out the night stand, mirror and dresser. He also shocked me by totally removing the carpeting and I mean all of it! The floor beneath the carpet is absolutely beautiful (that's it in the background of the pictures)! I'm glad I decided to get rid of it. So what does all of that have to do with a shoe refashion? Well of course we had to remover what ever crap was under the bed.

I bought the shoe (it was brand new) above at a garage sale nearly four years ago. Although they were super comfortable, I forgot to remove them when I spray painted some light fixtures. They were ruined. I'd forgotten all about them. Right before I was ready to drop them in the trash bag with the carpet strips, padding and other garbage...I had a light bulb moment.  So today after 18 holes of golf I stopped at Hobby Lobby and bought this...

There's got to be about a million (okay, a pound) of rhinestones in various sizes. I dug into my stash and came up with this...

and from there I came up with this...

I used the E6000 glue on the tip of the shoe and if you look closely it seemed to react with the backing on the rhinestones and created a "crinklely" texture to the reflection of the stones. The other glue allows a more clear reflection to the stone. I'm going to use the two glues on the other shoe as well to make sure that they have the same reflection. So far I absolutely love the result. I'll know for sure once the white glue dries. When it's totally dry it'll be clear as well. I think it's a great way to breath new life into a shoe that was destined for the garbage. I'll post pictures of the finished shoes later in the week.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Never Before, Never Again

As you all know, I'm in the middle of redecorating my bedroom. My ENTIRE house is a mess because things from the bedroom are all over the house just waiting to be put back in it's proper place. I did manage a little sewing in my cramped and disorderly sewing room.

For some reason I think it's time for you all to see my fabric stash. All of my fabric is stored in the fabric closet. I'm very thankful I have a place for it all to fit. Right now it's as organized as it has ever been. For the most part I know where everything is. DO NOT JUDGE ME!

The "door" you see in the left upper corner is the access to the bathtub plumbing. Heaven forbid if the husband ever has to access it! The yellow and black case is housing my new cameras. I didn't get a photo of the very top of the closet. All of my solid black fabrics are up there. So now you know my "dirty little" secret although there is nothing really dirty about it. All of the fabrics have been washed, dried and folded.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July & Thursday Thoughts

Happy 4th of July! Take a minute to reflect on this great country we live in.

Thursday Thoughts

  • I've been very chatty this week.
  • I am so over the painting, yet the end is still a little way out.
  • I bought Vogue 8813.
  • Am I actually going to use it?
  • I cleared a spot off on my cutting table last night.
  • I think I'll take the day "off" painting.
  • Could be a "sewcation" day!
  • There are only three rooms in the house that aren't in shambles!
  • Agh!
  • My husband has to work Friday.
  • We're saving our celebrating until the weekend.
  • I love being married.
  • There's a commercial about a deodorant called "Certain Dri." and hot flashes.
  • I've never had a hot flash that resulted in my armpits getting wet!
  • Speaking of hot flashes...
  • The best way to describe them is to say "turn the oven on broil. When it reaches temperature, stick your face in for about 45 seconds." 
  • That people, is a hot flash!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just more blathering!

Still no sewing going on as I am still "knee-deep" into the painting. I did have to take a "pause" to go out an purchase more paint. I also made a pit stop by JoAnn's and picked up a few patterns that I didn't necessarily need! I found the fabric that I'll use for the duvet cover and although I didn't purchase it, I'll get it while home-dec fabric is 50% off.

I started my morning off painting at 5 am and watched Dr. Phil re-runs. Told you...I'm addicted. I'm following the Trayvon Martin case but only the updates. What is really distressing me is the Paula Deen fiasco. I probably need to find out what precipitated this whole onslaught of PD hatred but I frankly don't have a problem with her. From what I can gather she called a bank robber the "N" word some 30 years ago. Was it after he held a gun to head? Seriously, I would have called him that word and many more all while "peeing" my pants. I wonder why we are such a litigious society?

I fell really sorry for the 19 Arizona firefighters who lost their lives battling wild fires. It been the largest loss of firefighters since 911 and no less shocking. The next time you feel a "woe is me" attitude creeping up on you, think back to these heroes and thank God you have it only as "bad" as you think it is.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bedroom redecorating progress

I did manage to get the ceiling painted last night but after seeing it in the light of day, I'll have to go over some spots. Did I mention that I ache all over? I did golf yesterday but painting that ceiling had me using muscles that had gone into retirement. Where's the Motrin. Everyday the husband comes in, while I'm faking sleep, and gives it the "once over." He didn't think I was going to do it. I sort of understand why.

Since my cancer in 2009 I have be almost devoid of energy. I think the radiation really did something to my energy level. About a month ago I noticed I was starting to feel like my old self. I knew I was getting better when I again wanted to plant flowers for the summer. I hadn't done any planting since 2008. I did get my flowers in and have graduated on to other projects I'd been putting off. Then came the idea to re-do my bedroom which is where I am now.

I purchased this set yesterday. I've always wanted a sleigh bed. I absolutely fell in love with this set. My new furniture is set to be delivered on the 18th which gives me plenty of time to finish the painting and the carpet removal. One thing I noticed while furniture shopping is that all of the woods are so dark.

I'll be in "home-dec" sewing mode soon because I am making a "duvet" cover for an existing set and will also make pillows and shams to match. Hopefully by the end of the month everything will be back where it belongs because the mess is starting to drive me bonkers!