Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just more blathering!

Still no sewing going on as I am still "knee-deep" into the painting. I did have to take a "pause" to go out an purchase more paint. I also made a pit stop by JoAnn's and picked up a few patterns that I didn't necessarily need! I found the fabric that I'll use for the duvet cover and although I didn't purchase it, I'll get it while home-dec fabric is 50% off.

I started my morning off painting at 5 am and watched Dr. Phil re-runs. Told you...I'm addicted. I'm following the Trayvon Martin case but only the updates. What is really distressing me is the Paula Deen fiasco. I probably need to find out what precipitated this whole onslaught of PD hatred but I frankly don't have a problem with her. From what I can gather she called a bank robber the "N" word some 30 years ago. Was it after he held a gun to head? Seriously, I would have called him that word and many more all while "peeing" my pants. I wonder why we are such a litigious society?

I fell really sorry for the 19 Arizona firefighters who lost their lives battling wild fires. It been the largest loss of firefighters since 911 and no less shocking. The next time you feel a "woe is me" attitude creeping up on you, think back to these heroes and thank God you have it only as "bad" as you think it is.


  1. WOW, I didn't know that about Paula Deen! I wondered if there was more to the story. I would have called TJ robber a bunch of names too of I thought I could get away with it!

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Google and read the transcript of the deposition. Much more enlightening though pretty long. Sounds like she needs a good lesson in employee rights and treatment. And yeah, I think her story's pretty weak.

  3. here's an attorney's view of Ms. Deen's profile
    ON A LIGHTER NOTE: I know your bedroom will be fab when you're done!

  4. I don't have cable and am barely following the Trayvon Martin trial. I want a conviction in the worst way. A Black woman in Florida, Marissa Alexander, is now facing a 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot in her home in response to her abusive husband who threatened to kill her. She was 'standing her ground' and is facing jail time. GZ pursued Trayvon Martin and killed him. What kind of self defense is that? He left the comfort of his home to pursue someone he profiled as a danger. Nothing less than a conviction with a lot of jail time is unacceptable.