Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 7/25/2013

  • I want to sew something for myself.
  • I'm in hoarders Hell but without the filth and animal feces!
  • I am so over this redecorating project.
  • The only rooms in my house that are not a mess are the kitchen, den, and man cave.
  • I hate the smell of floor varnish.
  • I want my house clean again.
  • I misplaced one of the cordless phone handsets.
  • I may never find it again.
  • My bedroom furniture is still not here.
  • I got suckered into making a SIL a dress for Saturday.
  • Who in the hell wants all the guests at a wedding to wear white??
  • Beyond stupid.
  • The people who work at JoAnns should stop assisting customers with fabric purchases.
  • Who needs anybody to help them screw up their fabric purchases?
  • I'm sewing my SIL dress on my dining room table with her Walmart Project Runway sewing machine.
  • I loathe sewing at the dining room table.
  • Entering my sewing room is like entering a landmine field of crap.
  • My crap.
  • I'm living out of boxes.
  • I've been paying too much golf.
  • I'm developing a case of "trigger finger."
  • Ouch
  • The husband sanded the bedroom floor for me.
  • Machine was screwed up.
  • Wood dust is everywhere.
  • At least I'm making progress.
Here's some photos of the paint and varnish. I did it myself!

Those spots on the pictures is the dust in the air from the "crappy" rented sander!

I am a "Jill of all trades."


  1. Sound like you need a drink! LOL!! Hang in there the floor looks great!

  2. The floor looks great. I'm going through similar renovation (dragging my feet all the way because I hate clutter and disorder).Redecorating is overwhelming (to me)and seems to take longer than planned. Take a mini vacay if you can. I've seen color theme weddings and funerals. Seems odd and controlling to me. Go with the flow (it's hard, believe me), take a 'walk away' break when needed, remember this too shall pass.

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    1. Oops! I deleted my message. Misspelling.., "Jill" the floor looks great.

  4. What can I say to console? Let's see: 1) your floor is beautiful, 2) months later you will have forgotten about the dust 3) that's one less carpeted area to track thread into. This coming from one that knows your PAIN!

  5. Hold tight, it will all be over soon. Although I've never had a baby, I think this is a little like child birth, painful through the process, but so worth it in the end!!

  6. The floor looks fine even it could be better.

  7. Wow! I'm really impressed because the floor looks great!