Friday, July 10, 2015

Can You Help?

I know I've been MIA for a while but all is well with me. I'm spending all of my spare time golfing and sewing. I'm using  Vogue 1247 as a golf skirt.

Of course I lengthened the pattern 6 inches and only have a 1/2" hem. I've sewn it 8 times and have more on tap. I'm also making a couple for a golfing find. I've also sewn two pairs of Vogue 1355 pants. They don't look a lot like the picture but you get the idea.

Sew now that you're all caught I need your help. As part of my church's outreach ministry we are trying to send 500 scarves to the women in a Ugandan village as gifts. Most of these women have never received gifts of any kind so we thought the idea of simple scarves would be cherished by them. The scarves should measure (finished width) 21 x 21 inches with nicely finished edges.They could be worn as head scarves of neckerchiefs. Use any blouse-weight fabric. Can you please help? Can you help spread the word?  I would need them by August 31 as we want to start packaging them for shipping in early September?  Send them to

Rachelle Green
6380 S Garden Dr
Mount Morris MI 48458

Thanks so much for your generosity!