Saturday, October 31, 2009

Invisible Zipper Foot

All of a sudden I have been on an invisible zipper kick. I want one in any garment that requires a zipper. While I haven't had any problems installing them, I have been experimenting with what foot works best. The Coats & Clark foot jammed my machine and caused the breaking of several needles. While I don't really like the regular zipper foot that came with my Brother machine, it does work well on invisible zippers. A few weeks ago I ordered the invisible zipper foot (ESG-IZF) from my local dealer. Let's just say I am "over the moon" with satisfaction although I was somewhat shocked by it's odd look.

The instructions for using the zipper foot are very clear and easy to understand. It works like a charm and was worth the $15 I paid for it.

On the sewing front, I am stealing time to sew and managed to make what I thought was my TNT painters tape slacks. Something must have gotten lost in translation. I couldn't find the original pattern (I'm still moving so who knows where it is) but I had transferred the pattern to tracing paper. As I was stitching them I thought to myself, "these sure look big." To my utter dismay, when I tried them on, they were huge! The waist was at least 3" too big! WTH! I am not losing weight so I don't know what happened. It's not back to the drawing board but I spent more time fine tuning the fit than should have been necessary! Oh well in the end they turned out fine. Now to find some fabric for a jacket! You all know how I love a suit. Until next time and Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A few stolen moments,,,Butterick 5333

As if I really need to be sewing! Right now I need a "Clean House" intervention. I have managed to steal a few moments here and there to do some sewing.

Where do I begin? I made my usual 1" wide back alterations. Next I lowered the apex of the bust ...or at least I thought I did. Then I did a 5/8" FBA and lastly I added 1" to the length at the waist to get the waist of the pattern to my waist. I worked on this jacket for three days. While watching Monday night football I did the pattern alterations. Tuesday I cut the fabric and fused the interfacing. Wednesday I sewed it together. As I said earlier I THOUGHT I lowered the bust but evidently I didn't because the fullest part of the bust is too high and the fabric looks poofy above the princess seam. I took out as much of the excess fabric around the too high apex as possible. It's not the best fit but I can live with it.

I did lower the apex on the pattern so that the next time I make it the fullest part of the bust will be in the right place! Maybe I shouldn't watch football and do pattern alterations???
In other news I saw my chemo doctor on Thursday or rather one of his associates. I told him I had given up taking the meds previously prescribed. After five months and five episodes of nausea and vomiting I have had it. He was shocked that his associate kept me on the meds even after one month after being sick. I also let him know that most of my joints and limbs hurt/ache so much so that I feel at least like a 70-year-old. He was even more shocked that I hadn't been warned that the aches were one of the side effects! to me. Needless to say I won't be seeing the first guy anymore. Am now on new meds. Hope they work because if they don't, that's it for me. Quality over quantity!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sewing and Moving

I've decided that moving and sewing don't really go together. You either move or sew. It is impossible to do both at the same time! While my sewing room is really coming together it is nearly impossible to find time to sew right in the middle of moving but...I have stolen enough time here and there to finish a second version of McCalls 5522. I joined the white shirt sewalong on Pattern Review over the summer but never actually made a white blouse. Right before I began moving I cut the pattern out of a fabric that I just fell in love with at JoAnn's earlier in the summer. The blouse went together perfectly but I tell you it took me three weeks to finish!

I really like the ruffle on this blouse. I made a narrow rolled hem on the edge and it came out perfectly!

The shot above shows the detail of the fabric. It's a loose weave with silver highlights throughout.
A few tips for sewing the perfect white blouse:
  • Wipe down your cutting surface before placing fabric to be cut
  • Make sure that your interfacing is white. If you use a cream color interfacing the interfaced areas will appear yellow
  • Remove your make-up before sewing! If you touch your face you won't have to worry about soiling your garment
  • Wash your hands before each sewing session. Clean under your nails also.You'd be amazed at what you might get on your hands.
  • If you leave your sewing area for any reason, wash your hands before you return to sewing your blouse.
  • Make sure the bottom of your iron is clean as well as your iron board.
These tips may seem elementary but can save you a lot of unnecessary frustration from soiling a perfect white blouse.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And the winners are...

Using the random integer generator at, I assigned each person that left a comment and was a registered follower a number. I had the generator select two numbers with the first number being the winner of the Kai scissors and the second number being the "stuff bucket" and patterns.
  1. gwensews
  2. tanya
  3. gail
  4. susan
  5. denise
  6. two cables
  7. me
  8. mitch 1066
  9. lynelle
  10. nancy
  11. andrea
  12. Joyce in NC
  13. Julia
  14. heathersphere
  15. faye
  16. Jen
  17. gold
  18. shelia
  19. Eugenia
  20. melodye
The random numbers were 2 & 15. So the winners are Tanya (scissors) and Faye (stuff bucket)! It's hard to believe that only 20 followers left comments for such wonderful freebies. Their loss was Tanya and Faye's gain!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second giveaway

As I'm going through some things I've decided that I can do a second 100th post giveaway. It will include duplicate patterns that I've found in my stash and a "stuff bucket." So far the patterns are Simplicity 2728, 2762, 2860, 3751, and 4273. I'm going to extend the sign up until Wednesday night, the 14th at midnight. Remember you must be a registered follower!

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Testing, testing

Just testing posting with my Blackberry. Remember to register as a follower and post a comment by midnight to be eligible for my 100th post giveaway.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

100th Post Giveaway

Here they are. My 100th post giveaway will be an 8" pair of Kai scissors, Kai thread snips and a collectable pin cusion. Remember to qualify for the giveaway you must be a registered follower and post a comment on or before October 11th. The drawing will be held October 12th. Don't miss out.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving is a pain

As you all know I am recently married and am now in the process of moving and believe me it is a pain. I do have some of my sewing machines set up at my new digs but no computer. I won't be posting as much as I'd like but I do have a blouse going--McCalls 5522. I'm still have my 100th post giveaway. There will only be one give away but it is truly nice! My digital camera is at the other house so can't post pictures. I'll try to remember to bring it here so you'll know what you might be in for. Remember you have to be a follower on my blog and post a comment by October 11th. Bright and early on October 12th I will announce the winner!