Saturday, October 31, 2009

Invisible Zipper Foot

All of a sudden I have been on an invisible zipper kick. I want one in any garment that requires a zipper. While I haven't had any problems installing them, I have been experimenting with what foot works best. The Coats & Clark foot jammed my machine and caused the breaking of several needles. While I don't really like the regular zipper foot that came with my Brother machine, it does work well on invisible zippers. A few weeks ago I ordered the invisible zipper foot (ESG-IZF) from my local dealer. Let's just say I am "over the moon" with satisfaction although I was somewhat shocked by it's odd look.

The instructions for using the zipper foot are very clear and easy to understand. It works like a charm and was worth the $15 I paid for it.

On the sewing front, I am stealing time to sew and managed to make what I thought was my TNT painters tape slacks. Something must have gotten lost in translation. I couldn't find the original pattern (I'm still moving so who knows where it is) but I had transferred the pattern to tracing paper. As I was stitching them I thought to myself, "these sure look big." To my utter dismay, when I tried them on, they were huge! The waist was at least 3" too big! WTH! I am not losing weight so I don't know what happened. It's not back to the drawing board but I spent more time fine tuning the fit than should have been necessary! Oh well in the end they turned out fine. Now to find some fabric for a jacket! You all know how I love a suit. Until next time and Happy Halloween!


  1. Beautiful zipper. I've installed two of them in the past, but I'm still timid about them. I have that same foot and it fits both my Singer and Janome machines. I saved the instructions for the foot, it's not the foot, it's me. I'm thinking about putting one in the skirt I'm making to match my Chanel jacket.

    P.S. I can't wait to get my package. I've been sweating the mailman (lol).

  2. Beautiful zipper job. I love sewing machine feet. I mena, I have a real foot fetish!

  3. Am I correct that the zipper teeth are held in the groove of the foot? I want one that zipper looks great. And I'll just say it again how freaking in LOVE I am with the scissors you sent, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Great looking zipper. I'm glad you found that foot. Only $15! That's worth looking into.

  5. No packate yet. I'm sweating the mailman in anticipation though!

    Pattern for blouse, McCall's Hillary Duff #5708 view c.

  6. I love that foot also, it changed my view on invisible zip installation.Easy-peasy!
    I now try to use this method on anything needing a zip too,lol. I actually found a plastic snap-on for 5.99,and I can use it on all my machines too, with a snap-on adapter.It was a steal!

  7. Odd looking or not - that made a wonderful looking zipper.