Monday, October 19, 2009

Sewing and Moving

I've decided that moving and sewing don't really go together. You either move or sew. It is impossible to do both at the same time! While my sewing room is really coming together it is nearly impossible to find time to sew right in the middle of moving but...I have stolen enough time here and there to finish a second version of McCalls 5522. I joined the white shirt sewalong on Pattern Review over the summer but never actually made a white blouse. Right before I began moving I cut the pattern out of a fabric that I just fell in love with at JoAnn's earlier in the summer. The blouse went together perfectly but I tell you it took me three weeks to finish!

I really like the ruffle on this blouse. I made a narrow rolled hem on the edge and it came out perfectly!

The shot above shows the detail of the fabric. It's a loose weave with silver highlights throughout.
A few tips for sewing the perfect white blouse:
  • Wipe down your cutting surface before placing fabric to be cut
  • Make sure that your interfacing is white. If you use a cream color interfacing the interfaced areas will appear yellow
  • Remove your make-up before sewing! If you touch your face you won't have to worry about soiling your garment
  • Wash your hands before each sewing session. Clean under your nails also.You'd be amazed at what you might get on your hands.
  • If you leave your sewing area for any reason, wash your hands before you return to sewing your blouse.
  • Make sure the bottom of your iron is clean as well as your iron board.
These tips may seem elementary but can save you a lot of unnecessary frustration from soiling a perfect white blouse.


  1. Oh that blouse is gorgeous - I love that ruffle and those sleeves. Thanks for some excellent tips on keeping the white perfect.

  2. I love that blouse! Good job! :)

  3. Very pretty blouse. I MUST get that pattern! I enlarged the photo, and I do believe I have that same white fabric! Get settled in your new home and sew, sew, sew!

  4. Love the blouse! have to help me fit this *&$^ pattern. Pleeeeaaase. *bats eyes* I can't wait to see photos of your new sewing space.

  5. Those are excellent tips for sewing white, I've had to learn some of them the hard way. The blouse looks awesome and thank you for the birthday wishes.

  6. I love your new blouse. I am so in need of a white blouse.

  7. Your blouse is absolutely beautiful! :D Bravo!

  8. Beautiful blouse! Your narrow rolled hem is beautiful!

  9. I love the ruffles at the collar! Your blouse turned out fantastic!

  10. this is so pretty!!! I'm loving the ruffles too! I see why you are called smoking needles♥