Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bedroom Fabrics

I finally picked up the fabrics for the window treatments, duvet cover and accent pillows. Why am I posting all of this non-sewing related stuff? Mainly because it's my blog and I can (LOL). No really it's because until this bedroom redo is done, I can't get into my sewing room! All of the clothes from the dresser and chest are in laundry baskets, boxes and covering my cutting table in my sewing room! I am so ready for it to be over so that I can have both rooms back. Nine days to go and counting before the furniture is delivered and add another day or two to get everything in place. In the meantime these are the fabrics I've chosen.

For the duvet and windows...

For accent pillows...

Painted walls...


  1. Oooo, rich and lovely and I especially like the touch of femininity with the leaf print fabric.