Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July & Thursday Thoughts

Happy 4th of July! Take a minute to reflect on this great country we live in.

Thursday Thoughts

  • I've been very chatty this week.
  • I am so over the painting, yet the end is still a little way out.
  • I bought Vogue 8813.
  • Am I actually going to use it?
  • I cleared a spot off on my cutting table last night.
  • I think I'll take the day "off" painting.
  • Could be a "sewcation" day!
  • There are only three rooms in the house that aren't in shambles!
  • Agh!
  • My husband has to work Friday.
  • We're saving our celebrating until the weekend.
  • I love being married.
  • There's a commercial about a deodorant called "Certain Dri." and hot flashes.
  • I've never had a hot flash that resulted in my armpits getting wet!
  • Speaking of hot flashes...
  • The best way to describe them is to say "turn the oven on broil. When it reaches temperature, stick your face in for about 45 seconds." 
  • That people, is a hot flash!


  1. Love the hot flash explanation....gonna have to remember that one for the next time I have to explain them to should really have to experience this "fun".....

  2. Lucky you! When I flash I am drenched from head to toe. So far only have had then during the night.