Monday, February 16, 2009

Sleeve woes

I spent the weekend redoing the sleeves of my jacket. I decided the sleeve was too tight because the cap wasn't nearly wide enough. I started with a totally different sleeve pattern did I full arm adjustment. Next I cut it out of muslin and sewed onto my actual garment.

In the beginning the sleeve cap was wide enough but not nearly high enough and the entire sleeve was extremely twisted when I lined up the underarm with the side seam. I get that twist with RTW as well...obviously my arms are weird. Six sleeves and adjustments later--yes I acutally sewed and removed six different sleeves--I wound up with what I need. Thank goodness for muslin. I had to rotate the sleeve seam about 1" forward to get rid of the twist. Another stumbling block was that I hade to remove the left sleeve another five times to get it in with out puckers and wound up lowering the armhole a little and trimming the cap height a little. The second sleeve went in without any problems. Now I just have to decide whether I will leave the sleeves long or make them 3/4 as the pattern called for.


  1. Youre incredibly patient -- I would have given up on it. You must be very pleased with yourself.