Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday gadget review...Ring Pincushion

On Fridays I'm going to try and give a brief review of a sewing or knitting gadget that I have in my stash. I've got lots of them and hope the info will be useful and fun!

I picked this ring pin cushion up a couple of weeks ago at Joann's. I bought it because it was on clearance for $2.97 regularly $11.97. I certainly wouldn't have paid $12 for it, but for $3 I absolutely love it. I've used the wrist pincusions but always wind up putting too many pins in it and ultimately stab myself repeatedly. This little cutie is just perfect. It's adjustable and can be worn on any size finger and wearing in on the pointer finger is in the right place at the right time. It sometimes gets in the way if for some reason I have to have my hand underneath the garment in the construction process but all in all I'd give it an A+!


  1. I like that little notion. I'm going to be looking for one. Thanks for your comment about my pants. I'll be watching to see your pants finished.

  2. That's really cute, and it seems pretty handy. I think I'll look for one too, at the right price of course. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing more notions, I love gadgets.

  3. Maybe that would keep them out of my mouth and my Grandson wouldn't ask me why I'm eating pins lol.

  4. I agree with Tanya - it might help me keep them out my mouth too. lol. (Might be handy on the subway when peeps get too graby according to my Mom in her old NYC days. lol)

  5. That is so cute and looks like it really would be handy. I wonder if you could make one using a child's plastic ring and a fabric ball stuffed with cotton and a hot glue gun? Just a thought.
    I'm glad you liked the purse organizer. It really is so easy and very inexpensive. Be on the look out for place mats on sale. They usually have them pretty cheap when they get down to having only a couple the same, because I guess most people buy at least 4 alike. Have you seen the purses made from place mats? If not I'll do a post on those soon.