Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Gadget review...Tilt'able sewing platform

The Tilt'able™ is a moulded sewing platform that tilts the machine forward and allows you to maintain a better posture when sewing. It comes with extra little feet to allow for height adjustments.

At first I was skeptical when I saw this at our local sewing expo. Even after I sat down for a test run I waited another year before I bought it. I think the price was right around $100 and although I had the cash...I wanted to be sure. So I simply stuffed a book under the backside of my machine. It wasn't the same so at the same expo a year later I bit the bullet and I am not sorry I did. I love this thing! No more sore back and shoulders from craning my neck . It also comes with a neat little mat to place under your presser foot to keep it from sliding around and another accessory to place your left foot on so that you are sitting upright.

If you get an opportunity to get one, run don't walk

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  1. This is what I need!! My back is in terrible shape but I don't plant o quit sewing!