Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Am I lucky or what?

The jacket that I made last week and was only 85% happy with was really weighing heavy on my mind. I decided my satisfaction level could be much higher if the sleeves weren't so tight. Although I purchased the fabric from JoAnn's in about November I decided to just purchase more fabric and redo the sleeves. Of course, to my disappointment, neither store in my area had any.

Today I took a 30 mile drive to the location most likely to have the fabric I needed. They didn't have any either but they did have a listing of all the JoAnn's in Michigan and gave me a copy. Sitting in the parking lot and with trusty cell phone in hand, being put on hold for more than 10 minutes--I hung up, called back and demanded to speak with the manager and made a point of saying I wouldn't tolerate being put on hold--I found a store another 20 miles away from where I was that was pretty sure they had some. Did I mention I didn't have the SKU#? Driving at the speed of light, nearly, I got there and sure enough they had it. I got an additional two yards...on sale of course. I figure I can now make a matching skirt. I'm on cloud 9! Driving 100 miles round trip was worth it.

In the meantime, I waiting to get my latest knitting project out of the dryer. My Red Sweater Knitalong sweater came out better than I imagined. I can't wait to wear it. Here's a photo of it before I put the neckband on. Everybody is wearing red at work tomorrow so I'll be finished with it just in time. My goal was to have it ready for Valentine's Day who'da thunk I'd get it done and worn before deadline! And yes...I'm still going to wear it Saturday.


  1. Talk about DETERMINATION! and nice sweather too.

  2. Pretty sweater, perfect for Valentine's Day! I know the feeling when your in hunt for a must have fabric for your outfit. I've done that very thing before and what a great when you find it. I'm glad you were able to find it.

  3. That sweater is very nice. It's great that you got it done in time for heart disease awareness day, or whatever it's called.
    I wish I had that many JoAnn's within driving distance. The closest to me is 65 miles or so away. It takes about an hour to get there. Oh well, it's worth it. There aren't any other real choices of places to shop for fabric out there either.