Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little of this & that and a giveaway

This has been an interesting week for me(more on that some other time) but I have been sewing. Am putting the finishing touches on the jacket I've been working on forever and a day. I love sewing and machine knitting and I am passionate about the tools of my trade. I've one particular pair of scissors since my college days (eons ago) but honestly, I never imagined my life without them. They've been with me through countless relationships, at least 6 moves, and several sewing machines. They're so dull they probably couldn't cut air, but they are the perfect pattern trimmers. They've fallen on the floor at least a thousand times or more and until now have been indestructible. They have their own designated hanging spot on "scissors row." The other night I accidently knocked them off of my cutting table and on impact I heard a sound that was totally foreign to me--I knew it was bad. When I retrieved my beloved pattern trimmers...this is what I found...join me in a moment of silence please...

I can still use them but if I pinch my fingers even once, in the trash they are going and I'll be in search of some new ones!

I love my fiance' to death and tell him all the time. I would certainly be reluctant to replace him like I'll easily do my beloved pattern trimmers. After all, how many guys will sweep and mop your little piece of heaven (sewing & knitting space) and will do so around all of the crap you have on the floor...we don't even live together...whatta guy!

Last but not least, I found two dozen of these bobbins in my sewing room. Haven't owned the machine they are for in quite a few years. They were for a Singer Creative Touch machine. Several other Singer machines used them also. If you or someone you know know can use these just say so. First come, first serve. I also have an embroidery unit and 4 or 5 cartridges for a Singer 6268 machine. If you can use them, just say so. They're free. I'll pay the postage for the bobbins but you'll have to pay the postage for the embroidery unit and cartridges!


  1. I know what you mean about the scissors, I have a pair that I've had since I started sewing and I wouldn't think of letting them go.
    Girl your fiance' is so sweet, he's a keeper too!

  2. Your poor scissors! I totally understand, I've had mine since I started sewing, and they were my mom's before me plus the scissors I use for embroidery were my granny's, if anything happened to either I'd just cry! (pathetic woman that I am!!)

  3. Sadness for your scissor loss. Joy for your thoughtful Honey.

  4. Hi,
    I have been scouring the internet far and wide for a button surprise for my wife, who is a keen but not incredibly experienced (yet!) sewer, and I've stumbled across your blog. I've got her a button foot for her Singer 6268 which she's inherited from her Grandma, but she's not quite sure how to attach it, so anyway, I'm trying to search for a 6268 manual to help her out. ANYWAY, sorry, to get to the point, I think she'd really like those spare parts you are offering, if they're still available. Perhaps you could email me at wilcoxtheboy [at] gmail [dot] com if you don't mind, we live in Australia, so postage may be more, but I can cover that. It'd be great to hear from you when you get a chance. Thanks! Luke

  5. Do you still have those cartidges for the 6269 machine? I would LOVE them if you do! Please email me at thanks!