Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only 66 days left..and so on

There are only 66 days left til the Connie Crawford advanced fitting workshop. Yippeee! I can't wait. I think it will be the final piece to my problem fit puzzle. I can't wait. Until then...
I think this is going to be an unofficial craft weekend for me. I stayed up until 3 am doing all things crafty. I transferred some more VHS sewing tapes to DVD. Multi-tasking as I usually do, I also knit the pieces on my 950i machine for a jacket with my TNT pattern. I used 2 strands of Rayacril from my stash. Was only going to knit the fronts then decided I could hammer out the backs. I was on such a roll that I finished the sleeves as well! Later today I plan to start blocking the pieces out to size.

I also dragged out some fabric from my stash for a pair of slacks to match a cut and sew jacket from TNT pattern. Would like to be able to wear those some time next week. Hope to cut those out later today. Have a swatch in the dryer, knit on the DM80, for my Passap Red Sweater Knitalong. The sweater needs to be finished before Valentine's day.

Last but not least I am on my dishcloth kick once again. I love dishcloths made out of Sugar and Cream yarn and while I can make one in only 8 minutes on the Studio 155 bulky, it's not portable. So far this year I've cranked out three by hand and am cranking out number four. Check out the pics. My sweetie really loves the dishcloths and I try to make them to his specs since he is the only washer or dishes around here. Check out his pic too...Doesn't look like a guy that loves washing dishes does he? LOL.


  1. The dish clothes look great. I haven't made any yet even though I've been knitting for 13 years now. I'll have to try to add this to my knitting queue.

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  3. I'm typing faster than I'm thinking. I love your dish clothes, I'm going to try making a couple & I hope they turn out half as nice as yours.