Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not enough hours in a day.

The last week has been very interesting. My power was out for a couple of days but I did get my Studio bulky knitter set up. Now I have six knitting machines set up. I started a hand transferred lace with beads and cables top on the Passap. Had to do a very intricated "map" in Excel to help with that. It also has vertical darts on the back. Haven't started the front yet.

Started a lace coat/duster on the Studio 700. Am using 2 strand of 14/2 cotton. It's a pattern I charted. Am trying to perfect the pattern. Made one but think the v-neck was much deeper than I wanted.

I'm taking a break from fitting the sewing pattern I was working on because I'm either doing something wrong or just being too picky. It's probably mostly being too pickey. I think I need to made a wide back adjustment and possibly reverse the neckline gaposis adjustment I made. Going to work on that some more next week. I did make some pajama pants and fashioned a sweatshirt into a matching top as a belated birthday/Christmas present for a friend. It was fun and easy.

In the meantime I'm only working part-time now so I need to get on some kind of schedule and not lay around eating bon bons all day. Have been going to the bowling alley and subbing but if I keep doing that it will be like going to a job everyday and if I'm going somewhere like that everyday I need to be getting paid for it!

I've got to figure out what time I need to get up to have time to workout, bowl, knit and sew all in the same day!


  1. Six knitting machines! You have to take another picture of your craft room showing all of your machines and listing them, so that we know which is which! You really are a "knitting machine queen"! And I'm so glad I found you!