Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally....2009 Craft Goals

After bowling today (I'm turning into an alley bum) I practiced few a techniques on my Passap DM80. In particular a technique I accidently stumbled a few years ago. I made sure I got it on my computer this time.

I also got out the g-carriage. I want to knit a plain sweater but with a really cool yarn of which I don't know the fiber content. I despise ribbing so am trying to find an alternative. Since I don't have a ribber on my 950i (it's packed away) I looked through the stitch pattern book and think I like #469. The first swatch came out really good. I only need about 12 rows. After the intial swatch I'm trying it again with no scrap yarn. Have to see if it curls or not. The purl side of the plain sweater is going to be the right side.


My 2009 goals.

1. I want to try and knit at least one garment a month. Since this month is half over the lace duster will have to surfice. I have six knitting machines so that means about two garments per machine. I should be able to do that. Barbie outfits don't count!

2. Sew and knit better fitting garments. For right now I'm just sort of stumbling my way through the better fitting sewn garments. Last night I cut out what I hope is the final attempt of mine to fit Vogue 8161. It's an easy pattern...I'm not an easy fit. Hopefully after the Connie Crawford workshop in April that will be easier.

3. As with my knitting, I want to sew at least one garment a month.

4. Do not buy any fabric I do not LOVE.

5. NO plastic fabric. You, not to be confused with inexpensive. I've found fabric in my stash that I can't acutally believe I bought. Thank goodness I've give most of it away. Saved some for trial garments.

6. Don't buy any patterns I am not absolutely sure I'm going to use even if they are only .99! Get rid of some of the ones I'm sure I'll never use.

7. As much as possible use fabric or yarn I already have. I've been doing pretty good with this for the last few years so it shouldn't be a problem to keep it up.

8. Try to keep my craft room a little tidier! It's look pretty bad right now!

9. Work on keeping my website ( up-to-date.

10. Don't spend more time on the computer blogging and keeping my website up-to-date than I do knitting and sewing!


  1. #10--That is so me! I am always sniffing around in the blogs and on Ravelry and my projects take a back seat. I am working on that this year also. :)

  2. I always have a dishcloth going while i'm on the computer-no wasting time for me while the page loads! Your craft room made me smile! I'm working on getting mine in order....