Friday, January 9, 2009


Today didn't start out very good. Somehow for the second day in a row my clock had the wrong time on it when I woke up. Yesterday I woke up an hour earlier than I thought it was and today I woke up an hour later. What is going on? Darn atomic clock!

No time to exercise cuz I had to be at the bowling alley. That was a bummer because I bowled like crap. Didn't get any sewing or knitting done because I had to go back to the bowling alley at which time I bowled like crap again! The one bright spot in my day was that I got my confirmation to go to the Connie Crawford Advanced Project Class -- Fitting and Design in April. Yippeee! I have basically given up on doing any serious sewing (including cut & sew garments) until after that time because I am just spinning my wheels trying to fit myself. Even with my fabulous duct tape form, Dolly, I don't quite know how to get the fit I want. If I'm going to put the time into sewing, I want a custom fit. I didn't say I wasn't going to sew, I said no serious sewing. Going to concentrate on knitting.

Currently I'm working on a lace cardigan/coat. I'm knitting it on the Studio 700 and using two different lace patterns. Take a look at the stitch design so far. Just need to knit the other sleeve than add the binding.


  1. Ooohh I'm currently working on a lace cardigan on my Studio SK-280. A Studio knitter! And a Studio lace knitter at that! Yeeehhh!

  2. Monique I have considered getting rid of the 700 several times but just can't give up that single action lace carriage. By the time I knit lace on the Brother, I feel as though I've knit two garments! What drew you to the Studio machines?