Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vogue 1320 Coming Along Nicely

While I didn't officially join Victoria's Fearless February Challenge, unofficially this is my project. Of course I waited until the last minute because in my mind I work better under pressure. In all honesty, my everyday coat is starting to look quite crappy and I need another one ASAP.

I cut the main pieces last week but didn't start sewing until yesterday because I hadn't picked up the lining.

I think this lining is going to be the perfect compliment to the garment fabric.

So far everything is coming along nicely. The only issues so were the pockets and sleeves and that was mostly operator. Sometimes, as I've told my students, understanding will come from doing. I did manage to sew the sleeves in on the opposite side. I can't remember if that happened before or after that heaping goblet of wine! Note to self...don't drink and sew. My fabric isn't one that is easily unsewn so upon completion of that task, another heaping goblet of wine was required! After that I called it a night.

Some of my observations so far:
  1. Didn't need an FBA
  2. Didn't need to sew the size 22
  3. A little bigger than needed
  4. I don't mind a coat being a little big
  5. It's longer that I thought
  6. Don't have a problem with #5
  7. I don't like sew-in interfacing
  8. I used Batiste for #7
  9. I prefer hand basting sew in interfacing
  10. I'm using fusible interfacing for my hems
  11. I always do in #10
  12. Other than unpicking, my fabric is a dream to work with
  13. The pattern is labeled easy
  14. Number 13 doesn't mean boring
  15. Love the deep pockets
  16. I'll be able to finish this coat before the end of the month
  17. Must stay away from the wine
  18. Five days and counting

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  1. Your coat is looking great! I love the fabric and shape. It's great having you and your talents on board with the sew-along which I extended it another month btw. Can't wait to see the finished product!!! BTW, love the new blog style!