Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings 2/17/2014

  1. Another Monday and another Winter weather advisory. Enough already. Flint, Michigan has had the second highest snowfall in the state this year and I have had enough! Spring won't get here fast enough.
  2. I braved the weather yesterday and made it to church. Little did I know how bad the weather was and how treacherous the roads really were. I prayed the entire way!
  3. On the way out the door I grabbed a Sprite and a straw. I didn't want to ruin my lipstick.
  4. Out of a brand new bag, why did I get a straw with a crack in it. That was the most miserable drink I every had and I was dying of thirst!
  5. I had to take my shoes to church in a grocery story plastic bag. Time to either make or buy a tote!
  6. Yesterday I went to an absolutely wonder flute concert. The artist, Jessica Cech had a very inspiring story. A doctor of music, she developed "focal dystonia" she lost the ability to form an embouchure which almost ended her career. The fix...prayer
  7. I'm in the throes of an evening wear alterations. Yikes! Oh how I hate alterations. Not only am I removing 4" from the hem, but I have to take 1" on each side of the bodice top which encompasses removing and reinserting the zipper. It's not as bad as I first thought. The dress is from JCPenney but the construction is very "RTW" and won't involve me having to deal with a separate lining.
  8. Had to put the coat I'm working on for myself to the side...bummer.
  9. I'm still "playing with dolls."
  10. I'm working on a two-room doll diorama. It's coming along nicely. Am using recycled materials. Having a great time.
Barbie of the week (last week)

If you're old enough, you'll recognize this as a vintage Barbie. She is my original Barbie gifted to me by an uncle 50 years ago. She is wearing a vintage one-shoulder jumpsuit. When I removed her from the case I spotted the jumpsuit and had to put her in it. The accessories are not vintage. Before I could dress her I had to do a quick wash and repair job. The outfit was "child" filthy and literally falling apart. The waist seam was just held together by a few threads and the zipper was in no better shape. Here it is from the back.

Who puts a zipper in a Barbie outfit??? This doll is not in mint condition. There are scratches on her back and the family dog once chewed her face! My child mind proclaimed to everyone that "she had bad acne!"

It was not until I took the photo below that I realized vintage Barbies had some "serious side-eye" going on! LOL.

Like me, Barbie is still fabulous in her fifties! Stayed tuned!


  1. I love her!! Her jumpsuit is so fun. And that little zipper?? So cute. I'm glad you made it to church and back safe and sound. Boy, do we all need a thaw or what? Spring cannot come soon enough.

  2. Love the dress especially the exposed ziper.

  3. So exposed zippers are not a new thing?! Barbie was sporting them back in the 70s? Yeah that girl was always a fashion icon - ahead of her time!!

    1. I agree Carolyn. Barbie is like Chanel--they are always in style.