Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts 2/27/2014

  • Just watch a Cole Porter biopic and I loved it!
  • I'm in the home stretch of finishing my Vogue 1320 coat.
  • It's like wrestling a bear.
  • Who knew this fabric was so heavy?
  • I love my husband!
  • The husband is insisting I give all the Barbies names.
  • Huh??
  • I'm in a bowling slump.
  • I need to finish the pillow shams for my bedding set.
  • Can't wait for golf.
  • I need a book to read.
  • Any suggestions?
  • I read "Flowers in the Attic" years ago and loved it.
  • Both movies that were made from it sucked!
  • How is it possible to get it so wrong?
  • I need to purchase ink for my printer.
  • A new member of my string ensemble "hijacked" our last practice.
  • How to reign her in without any hard feelings?
  • Need to practice later today.
  • Reality TV -- is that what we are reduced to?
  • Bring on Gunsmoke!
  • Still haven't used the new serger.
  • There are Barbies in every room of the house except my husband's "Man Cave" and his bedroom!
  • Was taking a break from the bear (Vogue 1320) gotta get back to it to be able to finish it by tomorrow night.

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