Friday, February 21, 2014

Missoni-esque Tee

Happy Friday everybody. I absolutely couldn't wait to shall my "Missoni-esque" tee-shirt. First and foremost, thanks Faye for the fabric. Faye unselfishly sent me the piece of fabric that was left over from a dress she made. I was supposed to use it to make a pencil skirt but you know how that goes. I wanted a new top to wear today so I pulled out McCalls 6796.

After trimming the pattern I made my usual FBA by adding a side seam bust dart. Little did I know I didn't have enough fabric for the collar. Bummer. Of course I didn't let that deter me. My sleeves are somewhere between bracelet length and short sleeved. For the neckline finish I simply ran a stitch 1/4" from the edge. Using Steam-A-Seam, I folded the edge under and top-stitch using a 3.0 mm stitch length.

Other than the hems and neck edges, I constructed the entire thing in less than an hour and...wait for it...on my serger! I rarely construct my garments on the serger but this was an exception. I also rarely use pins when I sew either. Did you get a look at how the pattern matches? Tell me I'm not the cats meow! I inserted the sleeves in the round as I always do. Old habits die hard! When the pattern said fast and easy they weren't lying. I shortened the pattern 2 1/2" because  it was ending in an unflattering spot. I used 1" hems (with Steam-A-Seam). In all I love it. I stole a page from Carolyn's book on the slacks. They're elastic waist, wide-leg and super comfy. They only reason it won't be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe is because the pattern is so striking and easily remembered.

Barbie of the Week

This week's Barbie is wearing a super cute Leopard coat. Actually this coat almost wound up a wadder. The pattern is McCalls 5462 circa 1991. The drawing on the pattern envelope is super cute and when I found the fabric at Salvation Army, I knew it was a go! Wrong. The proportions were all off...sleeves and super wide, collar too long, and length was matronly. In the end I sewed deeper seams for the side seams and sleeve and whacked the bottom. I like it a lot better now. Of course I sewed the faux-leather've seen it before and I made the jewelry. This doll was gifted to me in poor condition which include ink on face and hair a mess. Of course I worked my magic on her and am proud of my handy work.!


  1. You did a great job getting everything matched up!

  2. Great looking top; the fabric is very pretty!

  3. Meow! Hey girl, Cute outfit. I love quick and cute.

  4. Well, Barbie needs a new name and it should KMQ!!! You are one and the same :) cute outfit.
    Love you're top. You would have rocked it as a skirt, but the top is something you'll be able to wear a lot more often. The colors are just spot on for you.

  5. Well your matching skills are better than mine because I would have basted those sleeves in to get that match. And you've given me a great idea for this top. I've been looking for a simple knit top and I own this pattern so I'm going to try it out ala Rachelle! Thanks for the inspiration.