Thursday, January 16, 2014

Barbie OOTD Day 3

The Barbies and I are still here and having a ball. I say "Barbies" because they're are at least 50 in my stash including my original from about 1961! No she's not in the box but she's still just as precious to me. She might make an appearance on the blog before the year is out!

The husband thinks I'm crazy not as in "an old woman playing with dolls" kind of way but in a "I can't believe you're sewing those tiny clothes" kind of way. Barbies are littering the kitchen counter because the lighting is better. He's now accusing them of getting into the cake and stealing wine! He has gone so far as to suggest she might be partaking in the "world's oldest profession!" WTH. Barbie? Never. He was really tickled when I told him that Ken is considered "an accessory." I thought that's what all men are. LOL.

Here's a quick bit of Barbie history before we get into the OOTD. The first Black Barbie can on the scene in 1980 although white Barbie she did have a black friend, Christie, who was introduced in 1969. So what is the difference. Christie had visibly different facial features from the typical white Barbie. Today most white and black Barbie's are made with the same popular face mold.

Now onto OOTD...

Here Barbie is wearing a strapless stretch pleather mini dress. It features bust darts, a sweetheart neckline, gathered waist and velcro closure. I added topstitching along the neckline and removed 1" from the length. Unfortunately you can't really see her fabulous T-strap heels in an electric blue which match her earrings and ring. The pattern is Simplicity 7601 circa 1991. It does look rather "dominatrix" doesn't it?

Keeping on the theme of the wardrobe. Barbie has added the "moto" jacket from Day 1. Ever the fashionista, she added ankle boots and a belt (scrap of fabric) for a Matrix ala "bad girl" look! More tomorrow. Give Barbie some love if you like what we're doing!


  1. I absolutely love your posts on Barbie...She was definitely my doll of preference growing up and when my girls were old enough I gave them Barbies and made all of their clothes and played for hours upon hours of dress-up with them and the Barbies. I still have my Simplicity and McCall patterns for Barbie Cloths...My granddaughter has no interest in them.. Oh well, a stroll down memory lane is good for the soul. Keep those outfits coming. I am certainly enjoying them.

  2. See I thought she was Club Barbie! But dang you are doing the thing with those outfits! I'm having so much fun and each day I look forward to what Rachelle's Barbie will be wearing next!

  3. This doll has a better mix and match wardrobe than I do!!

  4. I got my first 'black' Barbie in 1967. She did not have long flowing hair. Kind of a big, pouffy, curly hairstyle. They didn't bend back then, they came with a stand. I had a real meltdown when my mom gave it away six years later. She said 'it's just a doll'. (#@!?) Anyway, I love this resurgence of Barbie and your husband's interactions. My little brother had a GI Joe *action figure* --which we considered 'quite a man'. When we could steal him from my brother (we called it a weekend pass), he would party with Ken, Barbie, Christie and Skipper. Man, those were the days!

  5. Barbie is too sharp. Loving the outfits. Keep them coming.