Monday, January 6, 2014

Once I get started

Remember the song by Rufus and Chaka Khan? It's how I feel about making bras. I've started and just can't stop. Could be that a few of my bras are looking kind of ratty. Today I tried my hand at dyeing a finished bra. After hearing so much about the Dylon brand, now available at JoAnns I figured, "Why not?" It's not as if I'm going anywhere anytime soon, what with 16" of snow on the ground!

Using Flamingo Pink dye, this is what I got...

Very interesting results. The lace took the color marvelously but the "Simplex" not so much. The "Powerknit" is more the color I envisioned the results to be. The hooks and eyes also took the dye very nicely as well.

Just had an interesting phone call. Andrea from Knit-Knac just told me I used the wrong kind of dye if I was expecting a uniform color I should have used iDye poly or Dharma Trading Co. Okay. Lesson learned. I also made sample cups using two different fabrics to make a Elan (530) bra. Using my "bra frame" was a tremendous time saver. Using one fabric I need to go down a size while the other fabric just needs to be trimmed down and reshaped. I love the "bra frame" and will save it and continue to insert and remove the cups to "audition" different cups. Stay tuned for another finished bra. I think I'm going to move all of my bra posts to another tab so that I can reference them more easily and visitors can as well.


  1. It's interesting to see how the different fabrics took the dye. Look forward to your next attempt.

  2. You're starting to make me think that I might be capable of making bras. Can you believe this winter weather???

  3. I know there's sewing and dyeing here but dayum you lost me at 16" of snow! OMG!!!

  4. I am starting to get interested in making my own bras, so really enjoy reading these posts. The dyed bra is very pretty.

  5. I live in MI too! Haven't left the house in 3 days!