Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Simplicity 2601

Aside from pants sewing, I took a slight respite to make this blouse. I like that it is so feminine. As always I started the pattern alterations with an FBA and a wide back adjustment. The only pattern piece that I didn't alter was the sleeve!

I needed much more width across the bust than the patten company used.

I probably need to do the burn test but I think it's silk. The fabric was only 45" wide and I only had 2 yards. I had to cut the midriff facing pieces out of different fabric. I also had to cut the sleeves on the cross grain. Nearly every inch of my 2 yards of fabric was used.

 To easily turn the sleeve ties inside out I used this handy loop turner

In the beginning I sewed a rolled hem with my serger on the collar. Here but I didn't really like how it looked so in the end I rolled the rolled hem under 1/8" and stitched with my regular sewing machine. Instead of sewing a 5/8" hem at the bottom of this blouse I sewed a rolled hem with the rolled hem foot. I won't rule it out sewing this blouse again and would  totally recommend it to others with the reminder that this blouse is labor intense.


  1. I hope you love that top, because it is really cute. Looks nice with those brown pants. Doncha' just love our November weather this year?

  2. This is one beautiful top, I love the print too....all your effort really paid off....

  3. I believe I commented about your blouse on PR, but just in case - it is really a great top.

    What is a loop turner and where can I get one! I have a long tie made of dupoini silk that I can't get turned around as we speak.

  4. I hate loop turners - I've never found one that works - but I love your blouse.

  5. Pretty blouse and awesome print.

  6. Very pretty fabric and came out great!

  7. Wow! I'm so happy to have found your post! I'm just getting ready to make this blouse myself and I've been a bit stumped on how to do the FBA. This helps tremendously. Thank you.

    Also, it looks great on you!