Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quick Golf Dress

I'm still working on revamping my golf wardrobe. The shorts are a smashing success except needing to removing about 2 1/2" from the waist. Don't ask me what happened because I don't know.  Friday morning I decided I need a new golf dress. Even on the golf course dresses are my favorite because of their ease of wear and they allow maximum air flow. I do tend to wear biker shorts underneath. With two hours before tee time I did a "franken pattern" of Butterick 5522 and McCalls 6559 and came up with this cute little number.

The fabric is from and is the same fabric that men's athletic shorts are made of. I added the exposed zipper as purely a decorative element in hope the dress wouldn't look like a nightie. The last golf dress I made of this fabric got seriously "butt sprung" but this one didn't. The only difference is the back seam. Hmmm. I didn't have enough time to embroider a golf motif but before I wear it again I will add one. I wore it with white Callaway golf shoes with light blue trim and rhinestones. It was a hit and so was I. I played badly meaning I had to hit the ball a LOT of times...LOL


  1. Cute dress and I love the color :)

  2. I think there's a method to your make the best golf clothes, distract the others and then win!!!!!

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  4. I'm excited to find your blog. I play a little golf myself. I was in a league last year and often thought that it would be better to make some cute things myself because I wasn't finding the cutesie stuff in my size. One of the other ladies looked at ,me like I was crazy when I mentioned the idea, btw. I did find one brand - Maggie Lane - for some decent tops and bottoms. But I want more! I, not in the league this summer but I'm looking forward to sewing clothes for next season. I'll check out your blog for inspiration.