Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Musings 7/07/2014

Here's some of what's been on my mind lately!

  • I bought a couple of bras over the weekend. I wanted something without a seam visible when I wear my golf polo shirts. Why is it that the stitching is already coming loose on the bridge and I've only worn it one time! I'm thinking of returning it.
  • Who keeps putting all the crap on my cutting table? I cannot keep it clear!
  • I hate having carpet on my craft room floor.
  • I think the foot pedal on my machine is acting up again. It's already been replaced once. Thank goodness it's still under warranty.
  • I have an idea for a cute golf dress. I hope to have it sewn by Thursday morning for my golf league. I'll need to try to find shoes to match! Divas gotta do the darn thing from head to toe!
  • Need to prewash some fabric.
  • Been sewing Barbie dresses. Need to take some photos and post them.
  • I've golfed five days in a row! I'm going to try for seven..
  • My latest passion is audiobooks. Does this count as reading?
  • Come on people. Are you so important that you have to have a cell phone attached to your ear 24/7? It's rude and I don't want to have to hear your conversations. Unless it's an emergency at least wait until you get to the privacy of your own car.
  • BTW...turn up your figgin' Miracle Ear or at least get tested for one.
  • Did you look in the mirror before you left home? I don't think so.
  • My knee is almost as good as new.
  • I'm practicing a song on the violin as an accompaniment for a jazz singing friend. Summertime is the song.
  • There was a pre-teen at JoAnn's today that was picking out a pattern and fabric. She is a first-time sewer and was instructed to buy cotton fabric. The pattern she chose was for knit fabric and was well beyond her skill level. The fabric she picked was a very ornate sequinned decorated prom worthy fabric. WTH. The sales lady said she tried to discourage her from the purchase but she wouldn't be deterred. The young lady said she wore side 18 in RTW. When the sales lady said the young lady's FB was 48 I knew it would be a disaster. I suggested she find a cotton knit from the 50% off Red Tag clearance fabric and McCalls 6559. I'm pretty sure she didn't take my advice. Once again a potential sewer is led down the wrong path and may never revisit what could have been a very rewarding experience. 


  1. I love your Monday Musings!

    "Who keeps putting all the crap on my cutting table? I cannot keep it clear!"
    That is because of the law of flat surfaces which states:
    If there is a empty spot on a flat surface it MUST covered up.

  2. Audiobooks totally count as reading!

  3. I don't like carpet anywhere. =)

    I'm with you on the phone issue.

    I hope the young lady at Joann's listened to your advice. I was at Joann's yesterday with a friend and we helped a beginner properly choose her pattern size. We helped her take measurements and gave her tips on how to read the pattern envelope. She seemed quite overwhelmed, so I hope she doesn't become discouraged.