Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Showed My Crotch Who's Boss!

I fought my back crotch and won. At least I think I did. If you read my last post, you know that I've been fighting with my crotch. Okay not literally but rather fighting with getting my crotch length and curve to a point that I can live with. While it's still not perfect, in my opinion it's close enough that I feel confident that if I don't leave it alone, the battle might start up again and then it'll be back to the drawing board!

This is not a good look but remember I've altered my pattern for feet shoulder width apart.

This is a little better but still with some unsightly wrinkles.

 From the front. Not bad at all.

This fabric has slight stretch and I like it a lot. These photos were taken after five hours on the golf course and three hours of errands. Luckily you can't see the huge safety pin I have at the waist. I certainly hope I don't have to end up in the hospital. That could be embarrassing!

For this next pair, I removed some of the inside thigh curve because my thighs touch (note the yellow arrow).

This fabric has slight stretch. I added pockets which the pattern does call for. The crotch is a vast improvement! I love everything about this pair except the hem. Are shorts supposed to be bell bottom???

Yikes! The knee replacement scar looks kind of scary in this shot!

Obviously fabric dictates some of the crotch issue. This is a softer, drapier fabric and I notice some wrinkles that weren't on the black pair. It could be too, that they've been laying on my cutting table for a couple of days. They're also a little big in the waist. Okay, what the heck is up with the bell bottom hem? I left them unhemmed so that I can work on it.

I think I did a great job but there are a couple more corrections I'd like to try. One being that I have some wrinkling right below the waistband on both side of the center back.. That'll be easy enough to fix by just lowering the waistband  about half an inch. I give these alterations and fit and resounding "thumbs up!"


  1. These look great! I really like the width of the leg with the length. The proportions are very nice.

  2. Boy, you've really been informed in a war - so glad you won. Great results too.

  3. Ugh getting the crotch right is so tricky... I think these look marvelous! I don't think the hems look weird, they seem to suit the style of the shorts.

  4. You so much more committed than I am. You beat the crotch. Google job!

  5. Kudos to you on the crotch combat, it's a hard tackle, but applaud your tenacity.

  6. You definitely did a great job. They look very nice.

  7. Oh yes! You are definitely the victorious one here AND you have three new pair of shorts to prove it! Great transformation. WERK!

  8. Getting a lot of information about this. Different fabrics and some times the same fabric just a different color will change the fit. Thanks for posting your pics, Rachelle.
    (Related to your doll styling collection:

  9. Hmmm, bell bottom shorts, you could start a new trend ;)
    You've done a great job with fitting. Pants can be so frustrating.

  10. The title of your post made me laugh. And it is true. Those are great fitting shorts. I admire anyone who tackles pants fit. It is not easy. I have had the bell bottom short look too and couldn't figure out what caused it.

  11. They look absolutely great. Have these changes helped eliminate the riding up problem? I'm so tired of having to take that funny dipsy-spread-em-step so that the crotch will drop back down to where it belongs. Looks like I have a serious orthopedic (or mental) issue. lol.