Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm having a panty party!

I really am having a panty party but you'll be happy to know I'm the only one invited. I will let you in via my description. I wanted to add some now panties to my collection. From the time my hubby ran to McDonald's to pick up breakfast, I was able to totally finish one pair. For some reason I always make my panties in "3's." So where does the "party" come in at? Imagine me in an oversized tee shirt wearing a newly sewn pair of panties. I'm also soaking off my gel nail polish. So add to the tee, me with foil wrapped around each finger tip, hair going every-which-way rocking out to the sounds of Michael Jackson's Invincible and practicing a bunch of old school dances. Of course I'm looking at myself in the mirror. That's right. I'm bringing back the robot! If you're not laughing at the visual the above description evokes...something is wrong with you because I am LMAO!

The animal print pair of panties is from the last batch I made. They are the same size but have been washed repeatedly. Just need to throw the new ones in the wash so that the elastic will shrink into place.

I didn't have any cotton knit fabric for the crotch but President Obama and Martin Luther King were kind enough to lend me the sleeves from the tee shirt I retrieved from the donation pile. I'm pretty sure this shirt will provide me with lots of crotch lining.

See the current state of my cutting table? I have to be at work at 4. Right now it's almost noon. I'm contemplating a new dress. Do you think I have time?


  1. You're too funny! loving the panty party--need to have one myself. I like wearing long leg panties (kinda like leggings) under my maxi dresses and skirts, so I need to get busy making some. Panties look nice. Thanks for the post!

  2. Haha! Sounds like fun. I admire your ability to sew undergarments. I tried once and made a total hash out of it. Maybe I need to try again and put on the good music and a party outfit like yours, lol :)

  3. What pattern do you use for making panties?

  4. Isn't Kwik Sew 2908 the best pattern! Love the fit and talk about nearly instant gratification. It's crazy to think about how much women are forced to pay for pretty underwear when you can sew them up for a mere fraction of the cost? I'm off to dig out my pattern. Thanks for the fun post.

  5. I know this is an old post but the visual had me cackling wishing I was your friend!

  6. I know this is an old post but the visual had me cackling wishing I was your friend!