Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Adventure in Bra Making

I'm still in the throes of bra making and having some success. Following Sigrid's advice, I'm sticking with the band for Anne St.Claire's Queen Bra Elite pattern. I used the cups from the Pin Up Girls Classic Bra pattern.

The cups fit perfectly into the band from the Queen Bra Elite. As I was sewing, "Mr. Know-it-all" (aka husband) informed me that the cups looked way too big. Based on my measurements, I chose the 38F. I guess based on his experience, he was right again. Darn cups are too big!  What a bummer. (I added shoulder pads to the cups to fill them out in the photo.)


This time it only took me about two hours of sewing. I will not be deterred. I will forge ahead with another attempt tomorrow. I'm going to adjust the shape of the cups as they are too pointed. I think I also need to adjust the position of the straps on the upper cup and added coverage on the side of the cup. Wish me luck!


  1. I think we are all married to a "Mr. Know It All!" don't you just hate it when they are right :)
    Stick with it, you're almost there!

  2. Good luck, you're getting there. And once you've the right fit, your lingerie drawer will be filled with beautiful bra's.

  3. Don't you just hate that! Hang in there with the adjustments.