Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 9/15/2011

I know it's really Friday morning but this is my blog and I can do what I want! LOL
  • I've been 54 for 30 days.
  • I've been on a sewing terror this week!
  • I finished Vogue 8685.
  • Started and finished another version of Vogue 1179.
  • Made alterations to Vogue 1260.
  • Cut V1260 out in a Mocha-colored stretch Twill
  • I seem to be stuck on Vogue patterns.
  • I stayed in my sewing room so long on Tuesday I felt like I was working in a sweat shop!
  • My back is still hurting.
  • Bowling season has started.
  • Yes, I'm bowling--two leagues.
  • Yes, it's hurting my knee.
  • No, I don't think I can make it through the entire season.
  • Yes, I hope I can have the knee replacement at the beginning of 2012.
  • Movies and books about climbing Mt. Everest fascinate me.
  • I just finished reading the Help.
  • Loved it! (singing)
  • Right now I'm laying in bed with my laptop on my lap watching Soul Men with Samuel Jackson and the late Bernie Mac.
  • It's hee-larious!
  • Might be funnier if they weren't bleeping out all the curse words!
  • Guess I don't need to be hearing that kind of language anyway.
So what's going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. It was my birthday today (I'm ahead of you by 'several' years...I stopped counting last As a personal part of my celebration, I went to the movies and saw "The Help." It was my favorite book of 2010. Loved those ladies...they reminded me of the women of my childhood. Great art direction...I could walk into any of those rooms and feel immediately transported back to my childhood.

    Your thoughts today remind me, once again, to continue to do the things I love--in spite of recurring or unexpected physical frailties. Since I've been reading your blog, you've found love, held on to your faith, and been diligent about your health. You are managing it well, and making time to express yourself creatively. Very inspiring....
    I hope you enjoyed the book...
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Sounds like you've been having a great time in your "sweat shop"! LOL! I'm jealous. I'm going home to sequester myself in mine today. Can't wait to see your creations:)

    BTW, you have 54 looking really good!

  3. I went to a "sewing club" kind of thing this week which was SOOO much fun. It was at the studio of a woman who does alterations and makes custom clothing. Once a month she opens her studio for people to come in and use her machines (portable ones, industrial ones, sergers) from 6-9 for free. Also she provides great advice on projects.
    It totally re-jazzed me to finish some projects I've had lingering.
    Also, I scored a bunch of older notions at the Salvation Army yesterday!

  4. I love your Thursday thoughts, even when they are written on Fridays. Sounds like you have been sooo busy. Hope the knee surgery comes through soon - sounds like you can't be slowed down.

  5. 54 is the new 44, you gorgeous woman you! We "Baby Boomers" have to stick together and make this generation go out with a real BOOM! (looking good that is!!)

    I've been stuck in my sewing room for weeks sewing for my vacation and frankly can't wait until vacation so I can get a break! (never thought I would hear myself say that!!) I love what I've sewn up though! I feel like I'm going to be behind with fall/winter sewing and will have to work that much harder to catchup when I return! Oh well, lucky this is a "passion"!! the way, don't mean to "lecture", but you really should be careful with your knee. We want you to be able to continue modeling those beauiful outfits in those GORGEOUS shoes in the future!!!