Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few bra photos

I'm sure you thought you were going to see me sans such luck. I didn't want anybody to go blind. Here's a few photos of my finished bra on a mannequin.

BTW these are the pictures of the bra I drafted!


  1. Looks great. Although the class should have been better, especially for the price and the promises, I'm still a little jealous of the opportunity. Bras are one of those things that I'm a little scared to try without any guidance.

  2. Wow. I am impressed. I think about sewing a bra often, but never screw up the courage to do it. Nice job.

  3. Very nice! Much nicer than store bought and you should save money on them after what 4-5 made up? Ridiculous how much bras cost especially for us bigger gals.

  4. WOW! A bra would seem very difficult to make! This looks great! Bras are so darn expensive. I get my from Lane Bryant. My favorite is the Balconette and it runs around $40!! Ridiculous! Kiah