Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Musings

I finally got some sewing done. I'm working on Vogue 8685. Can I say I love it? Yes I do! I picked the fabric up at either JoAnn's in the clearance area or Walmart. I don't remember. I know that never happens to you, right? I don't have any pictures but hopefully tomorrow.
Although the pattern has quite a few pieces, it went together fairly quickly. It has lots of topstitching and I was worried that the midriff is not lined and the weight of the knit might need it. It didn't. I did make an FBA because frankly, I am obsessed with not having any pulling across the bust. Once I made the FBA, I then had to alter nearly every other pattern piece for the dress to fit together was worth it. The envelope describes it as close-fitting, that may have been an understatement. Let's just say I'm glad I don't have a problem wearing shapewear! I wish I had followed my first mind and eliminated the back zipper. Although the zipper installation was a breeze the finished look isn't. I didn't interface the zipper area because the knit I used was quite substantial, I got one really warped spot that is going to necessitate me removing the zipper. I'm able to get the dress on with the zipper zipped up so it won't be a problem. Oh and I finally remembered that most sleeveless or near sleeveless style armholes are usually way too low for my liking so I raised the underarm 1" and it is absolutely perfect...or is that just me??
Now on to my musings...
  • Like Carolyn I've only made dresses this season. I wonder if it was because it was so hot this summer I didn't want anything that close to my crotch? Just saying!
  • I watched one of my favorite movies last nigjt, To Kill a Mockingbird. For the first time I contemplated how relevant the movie still is. Think it isn't? Think Susan Smith.
  • Did you know that Harper Lee is a woman?
  • If I'm not mistaken she won a Pulitzer Prize for it.
  • Not before nor since has she written another novel.
  • Reports are that she did the bulk of the writing for Truman Capote's In Cold Blood but received no recognition for it.
  • Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing on 9/11.
  • Supposedly, the average woman buys four pairs of shoe a year. Huh?
  • I think I bought four pairs last month!
  • I wonder how much fabric the average sewer buys a year?
  • Guess how many books the average person reads a year?
  • Zero.
That's all for now. Y'all come back now ya hear!


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  2. Well, I buy about one or two pairs of shoes a year, though while having three babies in a row I didn't buy any and just wore the same tennis shoes the whole time. Also, it was a slow year, but last year I read about 50 books. I think I'm screwing up the averages.

  3. At least you still get to wear summer clothes.... It's the start of Autumn here in Sweden.... No more summer dresses for a long while for....... Anyway it is nice to know you started sewing!