Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday Thougths 5/12/2011

  • I love watching Project Runway reruns.
  • I've just started watching Sex and the City reruns. Lovin' it.
  • I've been watching way too much television lately.
  • My mom and my niece spent the weekend. We had a coffee club meet up. It was great.
  • At coffee club you have to show up all natural (ie no makeup or wigs). It lasted about 3 hours.
  • We had a great time. Just coffee, cookies and conversation.
  • I took pictures for some scrapbook pages.
  • On Mother's Day I wore a jacket that I made last year but never got to wear. It looked great.
  • I've almost finished that elephant in my sewing room. Just need to insert lining in the jacket.
  • I have to take comforters and blankets to the laundromat soon.
  • I'm thinking about making a bunch of cards and selling them at a flea market.
  • I wore a top Tuesday that I didn't wear at all last year.
  • I lost 3lbs in two weeks.
  • Still need to try and workout.
  • Why is their so much crap on my dresser and nightstand? Is it just me?
  • Three weeks ago there was snow on the ground. Today it was 84 and kind of miserable.
  • I hate to complain but it is too hot and humid!


  1. I have so much crap on my nightstand I had to move it far from the bed.

  2. I think it breeds at night when you turn the lights off!

  3. Sounds like you are up and at em. So good to hear that.

  4. Like you and the other commenters my nightstand and dresser are groaning under a pile of "stuff." Three pounds is great I can only loose 3 lbs in 2 weeks with a tummy bug, lol!

  5. OH YIPEEEEEE!!! I love project runway reruns and am praying for the season would return soon!!!

  6. I think that pattern style would look great on you.

  7. How's your week been? Were you able to get that lining in your jacket? Been crazy busy here, but I think this weekend is looking more sane. I think you would sell out at the flea market with your cards!