Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 5/26/2011

  • I'm going to stop complaining about the weather. Last time I did the weather was hot and humid.
  • Today it is cold as Hell. That's an oxymoron if there ever was one. I'm keeping my big mouth shut on matters of the weather!
  • The elephant has finally left my sewing room. That's right. A project that should have lasted no more than a week, dragged out to almost two months. I don't love it but I do like it a lot and am sure I'll wear it.
  • Thought I'd have photos to post today but it's much too cool and windy to be outside trying to take pictures. I don't like the pictures I get inside so I'm not even going to try anymore!
  • I made a dress yesterday that I absolutely love. So much so that I am going to make another one using the same pattern ASAP. Might even make two more!
  • Can you say DKNY?
  • It's amazing how much a UFO in my sewing room paralyzes me.
  • How did I get talked into replacing an invisible zipper in a satin, bias cut prom dress.
  • At least the zipper was in the side seam.
  • Why didn't I realize that Monday is the holiday?
  • While I was thinking I was totally healed from my latest breast surgery, whenever I overdo it I get a sharp remainder!
  • I have the absolutely best husband in the whole world.
  • He bought me a new laptop that I absolutely didn't need.
  • Not really complaining but I don't really love the widescreen format. All this scrolling is driving me crazy!
  • Hmmm. I wonder if I was already crazy?
  • I need a new shade for my nightstand lamp.
  • Still haven't made it to the laundromat!
  • Only lost 1/2 lb last week.
  • At least I didn't gain.
  • I weigh-in again tomorrow.
  • My goal is 1 lb.
  • Queen Latifah has a new clothing line that is going to er sold on QVC.
  • She also commented that she finds the label "plus-size" to be offensive.
  • I totally agree with her.
  • I've used it in the past...I won't ever use it again.
  • Why should being larger than a size 8 be a negative thing?
  • It is totally asinine for a size 10 model to be considered "plus-size."
  • Why do we buy into such crap?
  • Might seem hypocritical of me.
  • Trying to lose weight back to where I was pre-cancer and meds on doctor's advice.
  • I do think an additional 25lbs is too much!
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  1. It must feel nice to have that elephant out of there! I need to do the same in my studio.

  2. I hate lingering projects too! Glad you were able to push thorough and finish. Yeah, I don't get that plus size thing either. Back in the day a 16 or higher was considered that now it's whittled down to an 8. That's bananas! I agree, knick the whole label all together. Because frankly, I'm not liking the definition of beauty nowadays. As long as people are healthy, they should be comfortable in their own skin--not trying to conform to a size 2 standard:)

  3. Did you make the V 1250 DKNY dress?? I am madly in love with that pattern - can't wait to see!

  4. So happy to read that you made a dress you love enough to make once or twice more. I'll bet the new laptop will be a lot of fun once you get use to it. Way to go on getting the "elephant" out of the sewing room! Looking forward to the reveals.

  5. My cards were in the mail today!!! How beautiful and thanks very much.

  6. If only I can get the elephants out of my sewing room.

  7. It's great to be back on blogger and reading blogs again. I just had to have a break. I am so glad that this is the post that I found when I clicked on your blog. I love learning more about you!

  8. Glad you are doing the Thursday thoughts, I look forward to them every week.

  9. I was wondering if it was the v1250 too? Its seems like everytime I say its hot here the next day it cold! No back peddling mother nature!

  10. This is so cute. I chuckled when I read the new laptop segment. I sometimes ask myself, "Maybe it's me. I'm crazy." Anyway, I look forward to seeing your new dresses. And have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  11. Elephants are slowly creeping into my sewing room... hahaha!