Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings 4/25/2011

  • I haven't posted any reviews or garments lately. I need to get with it.
  • There's an elephant in my sewing room. You know that project that is just looming so large and you can't seem to get it finished. It's a dress and jacket combo. I really am sick of it. While I usually never move on to another project until the current one is finished...I'm going to have to make an exception...Today!
  • I love making cards almost as much as I like sewing. Since I've gotten the Close To My Heart sewing stamp set I've been making tons of card with the sewing theme. Follow, leave a comment AND mention on your own blog for a chance to win a four card set. Winner will be announced Friday.
  • I wonder how many people are actually reading my blog.
  • The picture I posted with the three children...I'm the youngest girl. My knees still look like that!
  • I have the best husband in the world. I recently read a sentiment that said "Marriage is not finding someone you can live with, it's finding someone you can't live without!" Amen.
  • Although it has been less than two years, I almost don't remember my life before I got married.
  • I remember now...I had breast cancer.
  • The youth group at my church is the BOMB!
  • There were so many babies crying in church yesterday I almost lost my religion. Do people not know how annoying it is?
  • I think Extreme Couponers are nuts!
  • They took the stitches out of my knee a week ago. I'm not limping but I think the knee replacement is inevitable. If possible I'm going to try to hold off until February. That way I get most of the bowling season in and don't miss the golf season.
  • I worked out today. Upper and lower body. Ask me tomorrow how my knee feels.
  • I bought five shoulderettes/shrugs at Dots over the weekend. I should be ashamed of myself because I could easily whip some up on the knitting machine.
  • I haven't knit anything on the machine in ages. I'm going to take the measurements from one of the ones shoulderettes I bought and knit some before the summer is over...I promise.
  • I bought two pairs of killer heels over the weekend. Even with my bum knee, I will be rocking those shoes like it's 1999! Hmmm. That sounded much cooler in my mind.
  • I bought four ITY knits from Denver Fabrics when they had free shipping. I'd better get to sewing.
  • Why is it that now that my nails are growing a little, I need to start practicing to go back to the orchestra in the fall. I play violin in a community orchestra. The nails HAVE to go.
  • Guess I had more on my mind than I thought.


  1. I'm reading!! I'm glad you got your stitches out, but sorry that you are still looking at replacement.

  2. I read your blog, bet lots of people do. My Mom reads your blog too. I'm interested in your sewing themed cards. Please enter me in the contest. Wish I had a shrug (I need a short sleeved chocolate one to go with a sheath dress I plan on making - I've seen all colors but haven't seen a brown one anywhere), and a couple of your ity knits too (lol). Glad you can get in your bowling and golf before the surgery. You are a Martha of all trades - the Violin!

  3. I read your blog also!! :) We had a lot of crying babies also in our church! LOL!

  4. I read your blog everytime you post as a matter of fact. Could you post the pattern for the shrug? I've been bad about using my knitting machine as well.

  5. i follow and read all your blog entries. Talk about a Jane of all trades - sewing, knitting, golfing, bowling, scraping, motorcycle riding, & the violin. You Go Gurl!!

  6. It's so nice to read a bit more about you in each of your blog posts. I had guessed you were the youngest in your photo. Not sure if you got my email on that one. Not sure if you got my emails on the last give-away, but I hope so. If not you might try emailing me at upcountrymom"at"yahoo"dot"com. I tried using your aol email when I wrote, but if you didn't get it I wonder if it went in the spam folder. Take care, I'm praying for the best with your knee!

  7. I'm reading! LOL
    I love our youth group too. We had a great outing this past weekend!

  8. I follow and read your blog. I miss you when you don't post. I tried on a pair of killer heels this weekend, but I left them in the store. But I'm still tempted!

  9. I follow and read your blog too! I love your work and so sorry you're still facing knee replacement. You should bring out your knit machine again! I'm really interested in knit machines and would love to see more of your creations to inspire me. I've crocheted a few things, and posted one project, a sweater on my blog But would love to work with beautiful yarns a lot more! Please include me in your giveaway too!