Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simplicity 2501

First I have to say I am very blessed these days.  Eve over at Eve's House had a jewelry giveaway and guess who won? Righty-O, moi! Not only that, she also gave me an award.

Have I said how much I like awards? Well I do and will be adding this to my sidebar as well. If someone out there is having a giveaway that you think you'll like, by all means make sure enter. You can't win if you don't. The blogging sewing community is just fantastic. Thanks Eve, I love you girl!

I've been a lazy blogger lately but I've been sewing. Adding to my growing blouse collection is Simplicity 2501.

Pattern Description:

Misses' blouse with separate pieces for B, C, D cup
Pattern Sizing:
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the separate pieces for the different cup sizes. For me the darts were spot on. I didn't like the back neck facing. I don't know if maybe my fabric was too heavy but the sleeves were beyond poofy! I used my upright steamer to beat them into submission. There is no way I would have worn it if I hadn't be able to tame the sleeves.
Fabric Used:
Something from JoAnn's called Silky Prints--it's polyester
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
No need to do an FBA here but I did have to make my normal wide back adjustment. I should have lengthened the bodice about one inch with an additional inch on the center front. I find that for me when the pattern has separate pieces for different cup sizes, there is enough width but not enough length on the center front. It could be due mostly to the fact that I have a very erect posture. It feels a little wierd because the band is higher than my normal waist.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I will sew this again but think I will use a sleeve from a different pattern. When I wore it to work last week my boss said I looked like a librarian...not quite the look I was going for. I didn't have these skanky stockings on; bet I don't look like a librarian now!

This pattern went together really fast. Sometimes it's nice to use a pattern that you don't have to spend more time adjusting than sewing!
Remember my Painter's Tape Pattern? I resurrected it and it's a perfect fit. Just look at that rear fit! I haven't hemmed them yet but I just couldn't resist photographing them. The red slacks are my first foray into Burda magazine patterns. More on those later. BTW I have a little survey in my right side bar. Can you take a few seconds and answer it. TIA.


  1. Super fabulous blouse!!! I love this style on you and that beautiful flowery fabric is just gorgeous. It looks amazing with the skirt and with pants - I particularly love those red pants.

  2. Oh the blouse looks so lovely. I am so itching to sew...... now! Congrats on the winning. You look great btw!

  3. Pretty blouse...and you look fab!!!

  4. Beautiful blouse, you look incredible!

  5. Congratulations - GREAT FIT!! I love it!

  6. Such a pretty blouse and it looks so nice with all the other pieces. It's fun to win a give-away. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I love that pattern... You did a great job! Have a wonderful holiday :)

  8. I really love this blouse on you and with those panty hose, va va voom! Your boss should see that! Beautiful work!

  9. Cute top and pants! You're looking great:)

  10. Love your blouse! You look absolutely fantastic!

  11. That blouse is amazing and seriously how much weight have you lost because you are looking good!!!

  12. You've lost so much weight! Good for you. I love this blouse and having made it up agree that it is a great pattern. Your fabric is very pretty.

  13. I really like this pattern. Your blouse looks gorgeous on you.

  14. What a pretty feminine blouse! It really suits you, you look great!

  15. So pretty and versatile! It looks great with both pants and skirt. And your pants fit is amazing - I can't wait to hear about those!

  16. Very snazzy. I like it with the red pants best.

  17. Thanks for all the nice comments ladies. To date I've lost between 25 and 28 pounds--gain 2 lose 1 and so on. My doctor still wants me to lose 20 more because he says cancer lives off of your fat cells. I seem to be stuck where I am because I really like where I'm at. That whole BMI thing takes nothing into account except height. I think age and build should also be a consideration. With the holidays looming I'll just be happy to not undo all of my hard work!

  18. I love the top! Tells you something that I havent bought new patterns in a while cause I didnt even know that they added the C & D cup sizes to them. I know I dont get out much ;) lol. I agree with you on the BMI thing too. It should be different with different ages and builds. I guess it would be a lot more difficult to figure out your BMI if they did it that way though. Congrats on losing the weight! It's so hard as you get older (ask me how I know)...

  19. Congrats you lucky lady, the blouse is so cute and versatile.

  20. The new blouse is a lovely addition to your collection. And Congrats on the award.