Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vogue 1315

This isn't the first time I've made this dress. I made it one other time and wasn't totally happy with the results. I did pull it out recently and wasn't totally unsatisfied with the results. I especially liked the pockets and decided to give it another try but with a few alterations.

Unfortunately I've gained some weight (darned steroids) but I didn't need any width adjustments. I absolutely wanted to add more length. I'd already added 4" to the skirt length but decided to add an additional 4". After checking the pattern pieces they indicated that the dress top should be "bloused." Is it just me or do you not see in blousing on the model? Although I had already made an FBA on the bodice pieces, I added an additional 2" in length to it. All total I've added 10" to this dress? That's absolutely ludicrous! Although assembling the pockets still has me perplexed the end result was worth it.

As soon as I'm up to braving the cold, I'll get some photos with me wearing it!


  1. I like that pattern. It's the blousing and the pockets. I remember seeing it made up by other bloggers and they mentioned that the dress has a shorter bodice and very short skirt. One blogger said 'without alterations it's really a tunic' lol. Both dresses are nice -- lovely prints -- it should be warming up soon.

  2. It's still cute steroids and all

  3. I can't wait to see this lovely version on you...the first one was really pretty!!!

  4. Great fabric choice, and with all the added length it is sure to me "just right". I do love the purple version too!