Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Cutting Table Role Call

The Tell Tale Tasha started a post last week and I thought I'd pick it up for this week. Here's what my cutting table looks like this morning.

In my defense, the big blue storage container keeps all of my bra-making supplies together. I haven't made a bra in a while and have decided that should be my next project. What does your table look like to today and what do you have planned sewing-wise?


  1. My cutting table stays clear, but my craft table is a receptacle for my sewing stuff, from recently purchased patterns to fabric schlepped from the fabric room.

  2. My cutting table is empty, but for the past three months it has been covered with fleece, yarn and other needle felting supplies. Now that the warm weather is coming, felting is out of my system. For a while. On to sewing for spring - a linen vest with felting and embroidery on the lapels.

  3. On my cutting table today are pieces for my current project, Simplicity 2284 and some other stuff. I usually keep a small tray of weights, chalk, scissors, snips, and seam gauges on the table at all times.

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