Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fast & Easy

In everyday life, Fast & Easy, means exactly that...Fast & Easy. As it relates to sewing it can often mean anything but. Fast and easy usually means fast and easy for the experienced seamstress only. It means fast and easy if sewn right out of the envelope with no changes whatsoever and using the exact suggested fabric. Fast and easy usually means five or fewer pattern pieces. It also means fewer opportunities for fit. In all, fast and easy is quite the misnomer. Are you ever attracted to a pattern because it is labeled as fast and easy? What has been your experience? I'm currently work on a Vogue pattern that's labeled fast and easy and it has been a PITA! It's going to be fabulous when I finish it but not fast or easy and the instructions are down right screwy!


  1. Totally agree! The ones labelled easy have often been the biggest pains!

  2. So true! The Leanne Marshall coat took all kinds of shortcuts which actually make thing harder...

  3. I think I've only sewn one "easy" pattern that was truly awesome and fit BEAUTIFULLY straight out of the envelope; it was one of those $.99 Simplicity Sew Simple patterns. I made 2 of the dresses back to back and will probably make MORE this summer!

    Otherwise, like you say, I find "easy" patterns to be horrible because they eliminate steps necessary for a good finish.

    I don't mind REAL easy/fast sewing because I don't want to exclusively sew complicated projects, and I very rarely pull instructions out for a pattern because there's always some foolishness inside!

  4. LOL I agree. I stray away from patterns with four pieces. I call them the four piece curse lol. THEY NEVER come out right lol

  5. Too funny and sounds like a scenario I've definitely played a part in at some point in my sewing, I assure you!