Monday, December 8, 2014

A Long Time Coming

I made myself a bathrobe and yes, it was "a long time coming!" The last bathrobe I had was purchased at JCPenney 17 years ago. That's right...17 years. Of course I've had robes but they weren't bathrobes. You know, the kind that are warm and snuggly and perfect for the cold mornings we're currently having here in Michigan or when you're immediately out of the shower. I bought the fabric weeks ago and couldn't seem to muster the interest to sew. I think spying myself in the mirror in a robe that had long since seen better days was the push I needed. Can we bow our heads in a moment of silence for a robe that can now be put out of it's misery??

McCalls 2476

I chose fleece because I knew it would be warm and snuggly. Was I ever wrong. Operator error. Why did I cut and sew the XXL? An XL would have been pushing it. I'm actually swimming in this thing. While I initially told myself I could deal with it...I can't. There's just too much room for cold air to get in and I'm not happy. The quickest fix will be to remove the hem around the side seams, sew deeper side seams and then re-hem.

The sewing was a no brainer. The one thing I didn't like was the sleeve cuffs. The fleece is too heavy to even think about turning under 1/4" and because it doesn't ravel I didn't think it'd be a problem. Wrong again.

I wound up cutting off the cuff and reattaching it with the seam sewn on the right side. Now the cuff turns up nicely, stays in place and looks fabulous.

Gratuitous Photos 

Mostly sewn on my serger, it didn't like sewing over the belt loops and this is what I ended up with. Yep. A broken needle!

Two days later when my patience was at an all-time high, I got the needle changed and machine rethreaded!

Watch this short video on using the tube turner. I used it to turn the belt loops.


  1. I sat here in a bathrobe about as old as your old one and was inspired to get moving on a new one for me. Love the glasses fabric and the tutorial, have never used that tool. Thanks!

  2. You are so ahead of me. I'm walking around in a fleece jacket because I haven't finished my robe!!!

  3. That is a cute robe. I never thought of making one for myself. I may have to add this to my sewing list.

  4. I love the glasses!!! I need a robe so bad!!!

  5. I love this robe the fabric is just too cute. You just reminded me that I need to sew myself one, I have the fabric and pattern. Just need to find the time, thanks for sharing!