Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Love Pincushions

There I've said it and I'll say again...I LOVE PINCUSHIONS! Whether they're magnetic, decorative, or just functional...I love them all. Here's my collection. They all sit in various spots around my sewing room. Nearly every time JoAnn's notions wall is on sale I buy more pins.

The one I've circled is my very favorite. I've had it more than 20 years. It's actually a paper clip holder but has served me well as a pin holder.


  1. Love the little chair one with the removable cushion, bu my favorite would also be the paper clip holder one too.

  2. The chair one is cute!
    I recently bought two "grabbits" and love 'em.

  3. CUTE collection ... I too adore my paper clip holder :)