Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vogue 8904

These pictures are a little bit better.

I aligned the base pattern piece with McCalls 6559 and knew I would get the fit I wanted. I then just used the original pattern as an inspiration piece. There would have been way too much altering of the overlaying pattern pieces. I did incorporate and FBA as I do in most things I make.

My original thought was to leave the back as plain vertical stripes...but it was not a good look. I almost ran out of fabric and did have to piece one of the pieces on the back. The bottom is a single layer of the base pattern pieces. I also hemmed each of the overlay pieces. I couldn't imagine having rolled up lines all over my dress.

I love the finished dress. I've paired it with a patent leather pump I picked up at JCPenney for a mere $4, When I wore it I got lots of compliments which let's me know it is really an eye-catching design.

The main thing I like about it is that I didn't have to wear a control garment. All the layers camouflaged in bumps and/or bulges. Gotta love that. Not sure I'll make it again but is always a possibility.