Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sewing questionss

Debbie Cook of Stitches and Seams posed a few sewing questions on her blog that she took from a dialog going on at PatternReview.

There's a message board thread on PR at the moment which is discussing the "right" way to place a pattern and cut fabric. So I thought I'd ask ...

1. Do you cut with your fabric RS out or WS out?
I always cut with the right side of the fabric out.

2. How do you make your pattern markings?
One of the reasons I always cut with the fabric right side out is because I mainly use tracing paper for markings.

3. Do you follow the cutting layout in patterns?
I never follow the cut layout in patterns. I usually have more than enough fabric so have never found the need. When I teach classes I do teach that they should use the cutting layouts.

4. Are you obsessed with re-folding your pattern tissue on or very close to the original fold lines?
Hell no! I can barely get them back in the envelope at all. Sizes that I don't use or pieces that I know I'll never sew go promptly in the garbage as do the "French" instruction sheets.

5. I thought of one more ... Do you make all the markings?
I only make essential markings by either using 1/4" snips, tailor tacks etc.
There is a method to my madness!

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  1. Thanks for playing along. The usual method to my madness is whatever gets the job done well in the shortest amount of time. :-)