Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter outfit w/extensive FBA photos

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. While I don't normally make an outfit specifically for Easter, this year was different. My church will soon be celebrating our 5th anniversary so we are planning a weekend full of festivities. Included as part of the weekend will be a souvenir booklet.

In college, I pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha and at least seven of my sorority sisters are members of the congregation. We've decided to purchase a full page ad complete with picture. It was decided that we should all wear white dresses. Fast forward to my fabric closet and fabric for a white dress was quickly located as well as lining, 22" zipper and any other notions I might need. I love shopping at home!

I've wanted to make Simplicity 2473 for quite some time and this was the perfect opportunity. I had to make my usual FBA and wide back adjustment.

Step 1: Pin-fit pattern

Step 2: Mark pattern for FBA

 Step 3: Cut and spread pattern and add tissue as needed

Step 4: Rotate bust dart

 Step 5: Measure at stitching line for amount to be added to center front

Step 6

Step 8: True seam with French Curve

Step 9: Pin-fit adjusted pieces

The bottom of bodice is pulling to the left. While it might seem as though there needs to be more width at the side seam, experience has taught me that I need to take a small tuck at the center front.

Step 10: Take tuck as center front.

 Step 11: Finally, adjust midriff and skirt to match width chances on bodice


I snapped these photos before I ran out the door. I love the fit of this dress. I used a double strand of black thread for my top stitching. The fabric is a linen blend and I included a full lining. I couldn't figure out why I have a few wrinkles in the back but I don't have any problem with that. Could be that I had my control garment on backwards and didn't realize it until I got in from church. Don't laugh! It could happen to anybody. I made a jacket to match but that will be posted later in the week.

My husband wasn't particularly a fan of this dress. He didn't see me in it until I got home from church. He said it looked too big and likes Simplicity 2648 better.  I tried to explain to him that this dress was more of an A-line. It was not until I glanced in the mirror that I really saw what he was talking about. A two-hour sit in the dress had caused the dress to become seriously "butt sprung!" Yikes! You know what "butt sprung" is. It's when your garment, usually a loosely woven or knit, does not retain its shape after you've sprung it out with your butt! In this dress it was absolutely horrible. My husband said it looked as if someone had stuffed a midget under my dress! I can't even begin to tell you how bad it was. And to think I was strutting around after church just thinking I was the S.H.I.T (she has it together)! Oh the horror of it all. Needless to say I changed into 2648 quicker than you can say "get that midget off my ass!"

I'm sure I'll make this dress again but I'll steer clear of this particular fabric.


  1. Very nice dress Soror! Now you know you can wear it for short hops.

  2. Gorgeous dress. I doubt it looked as bad as you think. I love it. The alterations you made are perfect. I am overly critical of my work too, as I think a lot of us are. I am more of a machine knitter but I do sew, altho not much any more other than baby things. I enjoy your blog so much.

  3. The dress looks great on you, despite the midget issue, I am sure you was rocking that dress. I am not going ask about the backward undergarment... Lol. Thanks for sharing your pattern alterations.

  4. The dress looks fantasic! I too have to take a tuck in the center front when I do a FBA, I wonder why that is. Oh and "she has it together" - awesome, I have got to use that!

  5. I love your dress!! Looks great on you. Imma have to have those shoes..too cute!

  6. Lovely dress. Thnaks for sharing the pattern alterations you made. I recently spent a long time trying to work out an FBA on a princess seam shirt and had the side seam going towards the back like you did. I finally realized I needed to take the tuck from centre front as you did.I thought maybe I was doing something wrong whilst doing the FBA so I am glad to see someone else do the same adjustment.

  7. Really like your dress. I always appreciate how you show the FBA process. I really appreciate the tip on the front tuck. Thanks for sharing your experience with that. I have to make some of the same changes and would have added more at the side.

  8. You did a beautiful job on fitting this dress. The whole outfit is fantastic! What a bummer the fabric decided to misbehave. Nice to know you have the pattern all ready to go for the next version.

  9. Terrific dress but I am so sorry about that annoying fabric. But this pattern looks lovely on you,

  10. You look amazing, but I am sorry to hear about the fabric..

  11. Your acronym is officially added to the mental rolodex. I am working on this dress, too. Hopefully mine will come out as nicely as yours.

  12. Sadly linen does seat-out but take heart, YOU LOOKED MARVELOUS when you got there! Your blog is an inspiration to me as I am returning to apparel sewing after 15+ yrs. LOVE your energy!!

  13. Maybe if you had lined the skirt portion it might not have stretched as much, who knows. Love your pattern altering...very precise and wow the results speak for themselves!!!!
    The back wrinkles probably mean that the neck to waist length is a little too long or you are standing up too straight. You need that ease for leaning forward and hugging your friends at church after all! You look stunning!

  14. That "butt out" issue is seriously too bad because the dress is lovely. Sigh. Hope you do make it again with a more wearer-friendly fabric.

  15. The dress has it going on. Sorry about the sitting issue--don't you hate that ? Please do another so that you can truly enjoy the fruit of your labor.

  16. Girl, you are rockin' this outfit. The dress, shoes and hair are perfect. Tell that midget to stay away next time, that place is reserved for DH only!
    Thanks for the photos on the FBA. I don't do one, but it's very interesting to see the process.
    I agree with the others - please make this dress again - in a midget-proof fabric!

  17. Excellent illustration on how to do a FBA. My process is almost the same. The dress is very flattering. Yeah, you are rockin' the outfit.

  18. Aaaah!... I need to learn from you how to make a pattern bodice to fit my bust! Where can I learn this technique from? Or is it exclusively yours?
    Sorry, I am a newbie....
    Dress looks gorgeous on you! Sorry about the "butt issue". Lining, maybe?