Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Age appropriate shoes

The thing I like most about sewing my own garments is that I never have the issue of having to seek out age appropriate garments. At 54, soon to be 55, I don't want to look as if my wardrobe is from F21. Not only do I not have a F21 body, in my opinion, there are just things that women of a certain again should not try to wear. Up until a week about I never applied that theory to shoes.

I don't think I look  my age. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be anything but who I am. I know people that are my age who look 10-15 years older. Their thinking, mannerisms etc. are just old-fashioned. I consider myself quite edgy in a somewhat conservative kind of way. Come on now, how many 54 year olds do you know that would be rockin' the blond afro?

I love shoes and own over 100 pairs. Recently I wore a pair that had been in my closet for almost 15 years and had never been worn. They almost got the "boot" several times but each time they received a reprieve. One day I was having a "I don't have any matching shoes moment" when I remember them. Would they match? With baited breath I ran to my main shoe closet and lo and behold--they were perfect and "yes" still in style. Hallelujah!
I'd never given much thought to shoes being age appropriate until a week ago at my Aunt's funeral. Wait, that's not entirely true. I have given thought to age appropriate shoes before but it always pertained to little girls teetering about in heels that were way too mature for them. Anyway, it was at the funeral that I spied a much older woman, at least 70, teetering around in what appeared to be a pair of 5" heels with at least a 2" platform. On closer inspection the shoes looked like a pair I have in my closet.

She walked as if it were her first time ever in heels. Each step was tentative and unsure and she  never looked away from the ground as she walked. Her arms were slightly away from her body with palms parallel to the ground, as if walking some imaginary tightrope. It was almost comical but it made me wonder about my own shoe collection. With platform and wedges being so popular, was I too making  shoe "faux pas"?

Take this pair for instance,

Or these


And finally these.

As you can see, I am totally embracing the platform shoe but I wonder if I look a little too old for this trend? It is impossible  to go shoe shopping without being inundated with the plethora of platform shoes that are available. For me, there are some styles that I won't even consider. For instance I won't even consider the platform wedge. I think they just look too young for me. Or is it that I haven't found the right pair yet? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'd be willing to bet that you would have never noticed that woman's shoes if she had known how to walk in them.

    I don't it's so much age-appropriate as it is knowing how to wear (and walk) in a pair of heels.

    BTW, I don't think any of your shoes are inappropriate - I think they're fabulous!

    1. I totally agree with this.

      Also, if you hadn't mentioned anything, I would have guessed you to be around 44! So I think that means you can keep the shoes for at least another 10 years :-)

  2. Nope - you are on point with your shoes. The only one pair that looked like a departure was with the off the shoulder dress and that is more about it being a different style than you usually pick, rather than inappropriate.

    Rock it gurrrllll!

  3. I think that if your shoes are appropriate for your clothes (which they totally are) and you feel good and age appropriate in your clothes (which you totally are!) then I'm thinking you are good.

    And you totally rock those shoes!!

  4. All of your shoes are totally inappropriate. Send them at once to someone younger. Me. By 4 years. ROFLOL!

  5. The platform shoe is all the rage for women of many ages. I don't think you have to worry in the least.

  6. It's about style,being comfortable with your choices and common sense. If you can't carry off 5" platforms, leave them in the store. There's a difference between stylish, classy, age appropriate shoes and old lady, matronly, shoes. I'm 56 and my shoes range from 'old lady comfort' to 'these babies have a three hour window'. I refuse to compete with 20 year olds. I know what works for me. I love-love-love shoes. It's borderline addiction, but I'm in good company.:)!

  7. Wear what ever you like as long as you can. Every woman I run into that is no longer able to wear really high heels tells me to enjoy them as long as I can.

  8. I haven't seen you walk in them so I don't know if you're teetering (hehehe!) but NEVAH EVAH do I think her shoes aren't age appropriate! Most times I'm thinking dayum, I wish I could walk in those! You have great shoes, wear them with pride!!!!

  9. I have a couple of years on you, which I feel qualifies me to say your shoes are just fine for your age! In fact, I've got a bit of shoe envy going on here, because my feet are troublesome and I can no longer wear heels. The ones you show here are youthful and fun, but not hootchie-mama.
    I'm in total agreement with the adage that says "Age is an attitude". I, too, see women my age who look 65 only because of the way they wear their hair and makeup, and the way they dress. A youthful attitude definitely translates into looking younger. The 70 year old woman at the funeral probably thought she would look younger wearing those shoes. What she forgot (or never learned) is that dressing more than a decade younger than you are only makes you look old (and silly).
    By the way, on the final episode of "After the Runway", which aired a couple of weeks ago, somone asked Isaac Mizrahi what two style items are most important for a woman to spend money on. His answer? Hair and shoes. He said if these are well tended to, the rest falls into place. So, honey, you go rock that wild head of hair and those sexy shoes!

  10. I think what you wear compliments you and your style. I think allot of times when people enter a certain stage in their lives, they have a tendency to go backwards...which most of the time makes you look like a fool. I have seen this example many times in my family when the mother start borrowing clothes fromt the daughter only to look like... um, you know. But you have it all put together from your hair to your choice of clothing and shoes. And it all seems so effortless, which means you know what works for you...and you do it well.

  11. If you can walk in them, wear them.

  12. Your shoes look age appropriate and I think the important thing is if they fit, comfortable and compliment your outfit... they are age appropriate.

  13. Absolutely wear anything that you can move in well enough to do your business. Your style is consistent and head to toe fabulous.

  14. If you can walk in them and they're comfortable wear em. I love all the ones you showed.

  15. Your outfits are amazing. I just got into shoes, especially heels, and your shoe collection is making me drool. You rock all of these looks.

  16. I think you look smokin hot I have foot problems so I have to fore go high all your shoes! I agree on age appropriate clothes I can't stand when woman brag they can wear their daughters clothes. I think but why would you want to?I saw a very well off woman at a wedding" with her daughters dress on" she bragged.She's always been stick thin so it wasn't a new weight loss high. I thought if I had your money I'd would had have custom made you look like a jackass.