Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random thoughts 2/29/2012

  • My brother's birthday was last week.
  • I forgot to call him.
  • I did send a card.
  • I saw an animal print shoe on clearance.
  • I already have two pairs.
  • Would it be going overboard to get another pair?
  • I decided against another animal print shoe.
  • Just finished another animal print jacket.
  • Zebra
  • I'm working on alterations of Vogue 1191.
  • Can you say "whole lot of taping going on."
  • I think the flag should only be lowered for individuals that directly served in the military.
  • I bought a pair of shoes today.
  • Didn't need them but think they'll be the perfect match my the Vogue dress.
  • Since my knee surgery, I can forcast the weather with my knee.
  • It's raining and my knee is throbbing like a toothache!
  • I got a new Ironman watch.
  • It's pink and black!
  • I'm tired of staying home.
  • I want to get another job.
  • Promised my husband I wouldn't.
  • Ugh!


  1. Hey, maybe you can get a TV job forcasting the weather now that your knee has given you this new gift! :-) Seriously aches and pains from surgery aren't fun; sometimes my foot (from surgery 2 years ago) talks to me more than I like.

  2. I love reading your random thoughts. Too funny. I don't blame you for wanting to get out of the house. And yes, you can tell forecast the whether with your knee. Looking forward to seeing your new dress.

  3. I'm trying SO hard not to purchase anymore animal print ANYTHING lol.