Friday, February 10, 2012

Full steam ahead

After spending most of yesterday recovering from the "JOB FROM HELL", I cut Vogue 1257 out of my fashion fabric.

I made a muslin after reading the reviews on and because I made a ton of alterations to the pattern. Although my muslin fabric was hideous, I'm grateful I made it. The reviews were spot-on. The sleeves were so tight, had the fabric not been knit, or had I flexed my arm ever-so-slightly, I would have "incredible Hulked" out of the entire dress. Who in the heck has arms that small? The sleeves were so tight, my husband had such a confused look on his face and furrowing between his brows, I knew without a doubt something was amiss!

After examining the pattern envelope more closely I do notice that the sleeves look tight on the model. Also on the back of the envelope, on the "stretch meter," it says stretch "FOLDED" fabric. Yikes! In my mind that means instead of 2-way stretch, the fabric needs to have 4-way stretch. Aha...No wonder the sleeves are cutting off my circulation!

The other thing I noted when I was altering the pattern is that the seam between the bodice and the skirt is supposed to be about 2" above the natural waistline. Nothing annoys me more than when sewers do not pay enough attention to the proportions on patterns. We too often forget that a pattern is a starting point for the masses. Once we get it, we have to customize it to our particular shape. More later,


  1. This one is on my list too. Like you I've been following the reviews on PR to get an idea of how this pattern fits and looks. Thanks for the fitting info.

  2. I also have this patter and thanks for the fitting issues.

  3. I have this pattern also. I rarely make muslins first, but will either tissue fit or make this up in the cheapest knit fabric I can find to test it out first.

    Good point about checking pattern portions. Some things we complain about is just our failure to read and look first.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you make , I love the look of this one.