Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What day is today?

  • I'm losing track of what day it is.
  • Friday will be three weeks since my knee surgery.
  • I haven't had on makeup or decent clothes in as long.
  • It's getting better but I am so over feeling like my knee is in a vise.
  • I think the pharmacists, the doctors and too many other people are a little too concerned that I might get addicted to painkillers.
  • After all I did just have major surgery!
  • Don't they know that I'll never get addicted to anything that takes away from my sewing addiction?
  • I'm just saying.
  • I'm starting to want to sew but it's still a little to uncomfortable to sit with my leg under my sewing table.
  • Not only that, I'm not supposed to be in a sitting position too long.
  • TV Evangelist Pat Robertson has to be on crack.
  • He doesn't know what "mac & cheese" is?
  • You old fart you know what it is and it's not a "black thing."
  • If you really don't know what it is, it's time to pass the reigns to someone else.
  • FYI black folks call it "macaroni & cheese" so you tell me where "mac & cheese" came from?
  • Don't get mad. Somebody needed to say it.
  • Note to self--sewing this weekend!


  1. There can't possibly be a person alive in the US that doesn't know what macaroni and cheese is. Hopefully you will recover quickly so you can get back to sewing!

  2. LOL @ Pat Robertson must be on crack. Can you believe he said that nonsense.

  3. Glad you are progressing and feeling better. Mmmmm I could use some mac and cheese right now.

  4. Your thoughts made me giggle a bit. Glad to know you are mending--tho I'm sure not as fast as you would like (I remember foot surgery a couple of years ago). Good news is that sewing will be done--by you-- hopefully sooner than later! cheers!

  5. Alrighty Madea "Crack is wack", ROFL! My husband makes some AWESOME macaroni & cheese!!! Get better and see ya on the "RUNWAY" :)

  6. So good to read you are beginning to feel better. Wanting to sew is a sure sign! Hoping your knee cooperates with your desires! I can't believe my boys don't like mac and cheese. Where did I go wrong? LOL

  7. Too funny on the "mac & cheese" issue! Love it!! "Macaroni and cheese" is an all american favorite!!! Wink, Wink!!

  8. I said, "What the hell." to the mac and cheese bit. Really? Really? Everybody knows what mac and cheese is; even my friends from other countries. Please. Feel better so you can get a healthy dosage of sewing, creative fun.

  9. So sorry to hear you're in pain. Kinda dims the joy, doesn't it? Keep the faith (which is more than Pat Robertson does)and you'll be back at the sewing machine in no time!